My best sexual experience, huh?

That’s a hard one.


The fact is, I’ve had a lot of good sexual experiences.

Excellent experiences with my Hubby. That one time hiking. Or the first time with the Cush.

Or the threesomes.


I’ve had a giant handful of amazing fucking threesomes.

All of which were pretty damn good. The one detailed in that linked story is probably the best. And at least one of the strongest orgasms of my life. Hell, maybe the strongest. Whether it was because of her or Him or us, I’ve never been able to determine, but, regardless, it’s one of my favorite sexual memories and one I refer back to every now and again when I want to rub one down.

And there was that one blow job.

That one hell of a blow job that was well beyond what I thought possible. His dick was in my mouth. His fingers in my pussy. I was focusing on a new oral sex strategy. Experimenting with keeping as much of my cheeks as possible in contact with His cock throughout the blow job. The experiment was successful, as He seemed to really enjoy the extra contact.

And when I came, His hand wrapped in my hair, it was so hard, I literally saw stars.

Or that one time when we first started dappling in BDSM.

And He fisted me for the first time while He choked me out. Where I slipped into subspace for the first time ever. And almost safe worded because I didn’t know if I could trust Him to know when enough was enough. And I woke up in tears and ecstasy, teetering on the verge of pleasure like I’d never experienced.

Or the time by the fire with the bamboo sticks on that cold, spring evening.

So many wonderful experiences.

Experiences of pleasure given and pleasure received. Of sucking His cock in the bathroom, taking Him so deep that I gagged, over and over again.

Or of us fucking on the mini golf course because we couldn’t find anywhere else to get it on!

So What’s My Best Sexual Experience?

Any one of a number of pheromonal sexual experiences. The sexual experiences that rocked my world. That brought me closer to Him. That pushed my limits and made me trust Him when I was unsure if I could.

Those experiences that defied what I thought possible. Or achievable. That made me love Him more than I thought possible, made me trust Him more than I knew I was capable of, and made me let go of the shit I was holding on to.

Yeah. Those experiences. They’re definitely my best sexual experiences.

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