A quick story about the Cush, my first dildo.

So… I was 35 before owned a dildo. I know, I know. It sounds crazy, but honest to god, I just never really saw the need, or hell, even the purpose of a dildo. What the hell is the point of a plastic cock that doesn’t really do anything?

But then one night I was browsing around my favorite online sex shop, looking at toys, and my Hubby mentioned that I should get one. Now, I’d much rather buy lingerie or BDSM gear, but he was rather adamant. So I continued to browse and then I stumbled upon the 02 Cush. And I had a eureka moment, where the sky opened up and rays of light shone down on this beautiful silicone boy.

I knew instantly this was it.

It was love at first sight. I loved the color. I loved the look. And I could imagine what it would feel like in my hands (as well as other places), soft and smooth, yet firm.


I’m pretty sure I got wet just looking at it.

Bonus: He measured in very close to my Hubby’s own cock, so I knew he’d be just perfect.

A few days later, there was a brown box sitting on the table when I get home from work. Like a child on

02 Cush

Christmas morning, I couldn’t wait to open it up. I grabbed the box and ran up to our bedroom, eager to feel his girth in my hands. Hubby followed me. “Molly,” he warned, “the kids are still up, we haven’t had dinner. You need to wait til after bedtime.”

“But, Daddy,” I whined, “I want to touch him. I’ll be quick, I promise!” Without waiting for a response, I ripped him out of the package, and my breath stopped in my chest.

He. Was. Beautiful.

My pussy clenched in response to only the sight of him.

“That’s enough. Until later.” My Hubby’s voice left no room for an argument from me.

With my lip sticking out, I put my new friend away and went about our evening activities: homework, dinner, dishes, baths. And as soon as my hand flipped off the hallway light after putting the kiddos to bed, I literally ran to our room.

Grabbing both the Cush and the new rabbit that I ordered with him, I came back down stairs. I walked into the living room and dropped my pants and panties before settling down on to the couch. My Hubby took his place opposite me on the couch and flipped on Netflix, getting ready to start the next episode of Lost.

He looked over at me. “Christ toy, you just jumping right in?” he asked and I smiled, nodding my head.

I tried to start with the Cush, but with no lube, it just wasn’t working out, too thick to get much past the tip. I improvised, instead reaching for the new rabbit, figuring I’d use it to warm up. In no time at all, it did the trick, and I was wet and ready.

Grabbing the Cush, I begin working him inside, sliding his smooth silicone along my wetness. Hubby, having long forgotten television, rolled off the couch and settled between my legs, watching as I began thrusting my new friend in and out between my lips. I could feel the Cush’s thick ridge rubbing against my G-spot and pleasure started to spread throughout my body.

Soon, my Hubby’s hand replaced my own, and as my head was thrown back, the first orgasm of the night spasmed through me. He began to pound the Cush into me, and I felt stretched. Filled. And a moment later, I was cumming all over.

He pulled it out and flipped me over, moving me to the other side of the couch, shoulders down and ass up, as he thrust his own cock deep inside of me with no hesitation. My mouth opened to call out, but he took advantage of the situation and shoved the whole Cush between my lips.

Covered in my own juices, it tasted sweet and salty. He pulled it out to its prominent head, and my tongue swirled around the ridge, cleaning my own cum from its smoothness, just like it was His cock.

He started fucking me harder, and jammed the whole Cush back into my mouth,

Almost making me gag.

His hand moved towards my hair, gripping and pulling and pushing my head down all at the same time. He had me anchored in place; his cock buried in my cunt, his hand wrapped in my hair, and my head sideways, pushed down into the couch with the Cush deep in my throat.

My body started to spasm and my orgasm rocked me, but I couldn’t move with it, the restraints of my Hubby’s body and the dildo pushed my body and mind until I let go, soaring and ravishing and cumming.

Soon He pushed my head down harder as His cock went deeper and deeper and faster and faster into me as He came, His cock pulsating inside me. His pace slowed, and reluctantly my thought process started again as I felt Him shift behind me.

He released my hair and gave me a loving kiss to the head before He pulled the Cush from my lips, then His own cock from my warmth.


So, Yeah… The next day I could barely walk, my pussy and cervix sore from abuse.

I love my Cush. and shit, fuck, damn, do I wish I’d opened my mind (my legs?) to the idea of a dildo years ago.

And pair this boy with my Hitachi, and fuck, less than 60 seconds, and I’m covered in cum, squirting all over myself.

*hugs and kisses* y’all

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This is great. I always believed toys are a great addition to any bedroom.

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