Ever wondered if you’d actually like a yoni egg set? Check out my video review or keep reading to hear my thoughts!

Yoni Egg Set by ExSoullent

This yoni egg set is 100% natural and certified rose quartz. ExSoullent also offers the eggs in amethyst, yellow jade, black obsidian, and red carnelian. It comes with three different sized eggs to accommodate everyone and allow you to build your PC muscles strength as you progress.

The packaging by ExSoullent was beautiful. It comes with a velvet-like bag for storage, plenty of string, and a handy cleaner to keep everything safe and sanitary.

yoni egg set

The Yoni Eggs

As I mentioned, the set included three eggs. They are well crafted and smooth to the touch. If I’m honest, they’re very pretty. 🙂

The smallest egg measures 20x30mm, which is about .75×1.18 inch. It weighs 17 grams, which is almost .6 ounce.

The medium egg is 25x40mm (about 1×1.58 inches) and weighs 35 grams (1.23 ounces).

Lastly, the large yoni egg is 30x45mm (1.18×1.77 inches) and weighs in at 56 grams (almost two ounces).

yoni egg set

How to Use Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs get inserted into the vagina, but before you can do that, you need to put a string on them. With the set, you get a dental-floss-like dispenser. Take a piece of string and thread it through the hole on the small side of the yoni egg. Tie it to make a loop.

You use this string to remove the yoni egg, much like you do a tampon.

yoni egg set

What Do Yoni Eggs Do?

When the yoni egg is inserted, it weighs on the pelvic floor, much like ben wa balls without the movement and chimes. By weighing on the pelvic floor, the wearer must engage the PC muscles, those same muscles you flex when you do Kegel exercises. After repeated use, the yoni eggs can strengthen the PC muscles, as well as the rest of the pelvic floor, helping with all sorts of things from weak orgasms to incontinence.

Start with the smallest size and start with a brief period of time.

Beyond the physical benefits, some people believe that yoni eggs can also help you holistically heal from various ailments. Between the power of the crystals to the harnessing of female sensual energy, yoni eggs are said to bring about balance and aid you in getting in touch with your inner goddess.

Interested in Getting a Set?

If you’re interested in your own, beautiful set of certified yoni eggs, look no further than ExSoullent. They also offer a variety of other yoni products including yoni steams and detox pearls! You can even order their products on Amazon.

Disclaimer: This yoni egg set was given to me free of charge for an honest review. This post also contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase, I get a small portion without extra charge to you.


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