Experience more pleasure.

Do you want more intimacy in the bedroom? Want to give your lover more pleasure? Feel more connected with your partner?

Heal your relationship and create the sex life of your dreams?

Maybe you’ve lost the spark.

Or your libido.

Maybe you’re in a sexless marriage and you want to find a way to bring touch and intimacy back in a way that works for you and your lover.

Or maybe you’re getting older and age-related issues are interfering with your sex life. Society tells you it’s time to set that part of you aside, but you’re just not ready.

Intimacy coaching can help.

Whether you seek connection, intimacy, passion, or skill, you can get it with personalized coaching that gives you the confidence and skills necessary to a meaningful and exciting sex life.

And at Your Best Sexual Self, the first coaching session is always free! After that, the rates follow this structure:

  • Single individual $75
  • 4 individual sessions $275
  • 8 individual sessions $525
  • Single couple sessions $100
  • 4 couple sessions: $350
  • 8 couple sessions $650
  • One-on-one couple’s communication course: $497
    • Includes 6 weeks of lessons and coaching sessions to apply lesson
    • Unlimited email support
    • Homework tailored to your relationship

Most sessions last about an hour.

If you’re ready to commit to making your relationship the best it can be, email me at molly@yourbestsexualself.com to schedule your free coaching session today! And get ready to start the journey to your best sexual self!

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