Have you ever wondered what a sex coach does? Or how an intimacy couch could help you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s your sex coaching FAQ, where all your questions are answered!

Sex Coaching Faq

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What issues can a sex coach help with?

A sex and intimacy coach can assist you in a variety of ways. Sex coaches can help you:

  • Improve sex positivity and expand your definition of sex
  • Learn how to talk to your partner about wants and desires
  • Enhance intimate communication
  • Adapt sexual practices due to age or ability
  • Increase libido and desire
  • Improve the quality or frequency of your orgasms
  • Heal a sexless marriage
  • Explore kink, power play, and BDSM safely
  • Hone sex skills
  • Become a better lover
  • And so much more!

Who can benefit from sex and intimacy coaching?

Anyone who has sex or wants to have sex can benefit from intimacy coaching. A sex coach can help couples have more satisfying sex and they can help individuals explore their own sexual desires. If you have sexual problems, a sex coach can help you find a solution. And if you’re just looking to take what’s good and make it better, well, a sex coach can help with that, too.

Does sex coaching involve physical contact with the coach?

Although some sex coaches practice hands-on coaching, I do not. Throughout your coaching session, there is no physical contact. Most sessions happen over the phone or via video chat.

Is there any nudity involved in sex coaching?

There is no nudity involved in the sex coaching I do. Everyone stays completely dressed. Sessions are not erotic or provocative.

Can sex and intimacy coaching occur online?

Yes! Most of my sex and intimacy coaching occurs online or over the phone.

What’s the difference between a sex coach and a sex therapist?

Sex therapists are licensed professionals who work with couples and individuals who feel that they have sexual dysfunction. Sex therapists diagnose disorders and work to reduce the manifestation of symptoms in one’s sex life. They often look to the past to understand current behaviors and heal wounds.

Sex coaches, on the other hand, are certified professionals who work with couples and individuals to improve their sex and intimacy. Coaches provide action steps to assist clients in reaching their goals and help overcome barriers when they arise. While sex coaches may sometimes discuss past issues, for the most part, the effort is focused on getting you from where you are to where you want to go.

How long does sex coaching take?

One session of sex coaching normally takes about an hour but can range from 30 to 90 minutes. In some people, one coaching session solves their issue, while others may stay in coaching for longer. Coaching normally does not exceed three to four months for a singular issue.

What can I expect during a sex coaching session?

Normally I meet clients online or we talk over the phone. If it’s the first intimacy coaching session, I discuss confidentiality and then ask a few questions about why you’re seeking a sex coach. If it’s something I feel I can help with, we discuss moving forward together and set goals.

For sessions with established coaching clients, after the initial greeting, we discuss the tasks the client worked on since the last visit (we call this homework), as well as any wins or struggles. We talk about what needs to happen next to help the client reach their ultimate goal and put those things in place.

Sex coaching clients should expect to have homework, which may include reviewing educational material or practicing new skills.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you need depends on your goals. Some coaching students find that one session is all they need, while others enroll for three months at a time.

Along these same lines, some students meet weekly, while others prefer every other week or even monthly.

Do you work with anyone?

I work with most people as long as they are willing to set goals that are safe, sane, and consensual. If after our initial discussion, I don’t think I can help you reach your specific goals, I let you know and try to find a coach who can.

I don’t have a sex problem. What can sex and intimacy coaching do for me?

Lots of people go to sex coaching without having a sexual problem. Some want to learn specific skills, while others want to deepen their relationship. Still, others want to take their good sex life and make it amazing.

Do single people go to sex coaches?

Yes, lots of single people go to sex coaches. You do not need to be part of a couple to benefit from sex and intimacy coaching. A sex coach can help an individual gain confidence, enhance their lovemaking and communication skills, and get in touch with their sexuality among other things.

I identify as LGBTQIA+. Is that okay?

It is completely okay if you fit under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella. I do, too. It won’t interfere with our ability to work together.

I’m in an arranged marriage. Can I work with you?

Yes. Although I personally have not experienced the unique benefits and challenges of being in an arranged marriage, I do work with couples who are in arranged marriages.

I have a history of trauma. Is sex coaching appropriate?

I do work with people who have a history of trauma, and I practice trauma-informed care, but only in the role of sex or intimacy coach. I do not offer trauma-based treatment, therapy, or counseling. If you would like sex coaching in addition to trauma-based treatment, I would be more than happy to recommend you to therapists who specialize in helping people live fully after trauma.

What are your credentials?

I have a degree in psychology (as well as philosophy) and have undergone extensive training in the service-oriented fields. I’ve worked as a counselor, treatment supervisor, and case manager. I am also a certified relationship coach with 10 years of experience providing sex education to couples in committed relationships.

How do I get started?

Visit my coaching page or email me at molly@yourbestsexualself.com and say you’d like to learn more! I’ll send you a link to schedule your initial coaching session, which is always free! At the end of that first session, we can discuss options and what would best suit your individual needs.

Have a question that’s not answered here? Email it to me at molly@yourbestsexualself.com.

PS: Don’t worry. I don’t ever push sales. If I get you on the phone, I promise I won’t spend half the time trying to sell you something.


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