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Whether you want more sex, better orgasms, or to feel closer to your partner, here at Your Best Sexual Self, we help you discover and create the sex life you've always wanted!

Improve Communication

Does it seem like no matter what you try, you can't seem to talk to your partner about sex? Know that you're not alone. Download my special report on the building blocks of intimate communication and be one step closer to a healthy and happy relationship.

Be a Better Lover

Want to bring your lover so much pleasure they never forget? Want to be the one they compare others to? From oral sex to talking dirty, this is where you learn what great lovers are made of and start building your skill set!

Get Intimacy Coaching

Is your sex life feeling meh? Has your libido taken a dive and you want to get it back? Whether you struggle talking to your lover about your wants and needs or you're ready to find a solution for your sexual woes, intimacy coaching can help! The first session's always free!

Meet Molly & Marc

The couple behind Your Best Sexual Self, Molly writes the content, Marc keeps things running smooth. Together they make it work.
Molly Carter


Writer and Sex Coach

From a young age, Molly knew her mission in life was to help people have better sex. She just never realized it'd be in the form of blog posts and YouTube videos.

Marc Carter


Amazing Runner of Things

Marc married a woman who wanted to run a sex blog. He's along for the ride, helping in all the ways he can.

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What Readers Say...

When it comes to sex advice, you don't have to take our word for it. Our readers share how we've helped them improve their sex life and develop into their best sexual self.



"Big fan of your stuff Molly. The way you present your material... you own it and don’t flinch on the details. It’s very refreshing and I have picked up some useful ideas for my wife. Keep it coming."



"I honestly think every man should take the time to study your answers. Behind the apparent nonchalant writing, there's so much knowledge packed!"



"I like how you freely and confidently talk about the topics that seem controverse in today’s world. Wish more women were like this."

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DISCLAIMER: If you are pro-forced birth, you should likely stop reading now. Or, more truthfully, unsubscribe. Because you can’t be sex positive and not uphold the rights of body autonomy and ignore the unbalanced risk Read more…

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