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Yeah, sex is great. But it should be fucking amazing! And mind-blowing. And leave you feeling connected and in sync with your lover. And keep you a bit distracted and aroused long after it's over. It can be. And I can help you get there.

Light a spark.

Routine can bring complacency, which can lead to boredom. Learn how to reignite your sex life and bring more pleasure and intimacy to your life!

Create more pleasure.

Want to bring your lover more pleasure? Want to be the partner others are compared to? Learn what makes a lover not only great, but unforgettable!

Be an exceptional lover.

Great lovers are made, not born. With the right mindset, attitude, and skills, you can experience more pleasure and ecstasy than you thought possible.

Molly Carter is the sex coach and content creator behind Your Best Sexual Self. Through content, courses, and coaching, she helps sex-positive humans improve their sex lives, experience more pleasure, and become exceptional lovers.
Molly Carter

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When it comes to sex advice, don't take my word for it. Readers share how I've helped them improve their sex life and develop into their best sexual self.



"Big fan of your stuff Molly. The way you present your material... you own it and don’t flinch on the details. It’s very refreshing and I have picked up some useful ideas for my wife. Keep it coming."



"I honestly think every man should take the time to study your answers. Behind the apparent nonchalant writing, there's so much knowledge packed!"



"I like how you freely and confidently talk about the topics that seem controverse in today’s world. Wish more women were like this."

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