Do you suffer from sexual dysfunction?

Then check out my video on positions that can help enhance your experience and bring you and your partner more pleasure rather than further frustrations!

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Recent research shows that for many folks with sexual dysfunction, using different sexual positions can help.

This research is from Between Us Clinic, which is an online sex therapy clinic (this is not a sponsored post; I’m just passing it along to you because some of you may find it interesting and useful).

For Pre-Mature Ejaculation

For better ejaculation control, spooning tops the chart. And that’s because it gives the penetrating partner a lot of control. And because of the angle, you get shallow thrusts that keep you moving slower than positions like doggy style.

For Better Erections

For those with issues surrounding the quality of erections, doggy style is the recommended position. Because you get deep penetration and because you’re upright, it doesn’t obstruct the blood flow to your dick. More blood and deeper thrusts, mean a firmer and more responsive erection.

For Trouble Orgasming

To get more clitoral stimulation, which let me remind you that most women need to reach orgasms from penetration, cowgirl, of course, is the number one position. And that’s because you have a lot of access to your clit. You can rub it against your lover’s body by rocking back and forth or grinding on his or her pubic bone, or reach down and get your own hands involved. 

For Pain with Intercourse

If you have pain during penetrative sex, try woman on top. Cowgirl tops this list because when the vulva owner is on top, they can control how deep the penetration goes and compensate when necessary. Please remember, if you’re suffering from pain with intercourse, use lube. Lots of lube. And make sure you’re extra aroused before attempting any level of penetration.

If your pain is caused by dryness, shoot me an email at I have some recommendations that can make a huge difference in vaginal dryness and atrophy, especially when it’s caused by menopause or medication.

For real. Email me. You don’t have to suffer or give up sex. There are solutions. 

Hope y’all found this helpful! Let me know your thoughts in the comments or shoot me an email if you have sexual dysfunction and looking for a solution!


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