Check out my YouTube review of the Womanizer Pro-40!

This clit sucker uses pulse technology to move the air around the clitoris to offer it the unique sensation of indirect stimulation.

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The Womanizer by WOW

The Womanizer series of clitoral massagers is made by the German company WOW.

The Pro-40 comes in multiple colors, including red, black, and purple. It charges via a USB and is waterproof (and super easy to clean).

It features six different speed settings. As you cycle through the levels, the vibrations get stronger, while the suction stays the same. This means the the suction is less noticeable with the stronger vibrations.

Great for Masturbation

I love this thing for solo play. It’s different than any other vibrator I’ve ever used and creates a unique sensation that feels pretty damn good.

Unlike other sex toys, this one makes me crave penetration. That’s not good or bad, just different.

And Sex, Too (Depending on the Position)

Because of the size and shape of the Womanizer, it sometimes gets in the way during partner sex, especially missionary. But if you like using it with a partner, just flip over into doggy style or maybe climb on top for some cowgirl, and it becomes easier to hold on to.

So that’s it, friends. My brief version of the Womanizer review. Hope you enjoyed it!


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