Oh, the Magic Wand. It’s a cult classic. A big ol’ beast of a thing. But there’s a reason it’s still around. Keep reading to find out why!

In today’s video, I’m discussing and comparing three different Magic Wands. The first, an original Hitachi, before they changed the brand name. The second, the rechargeable Magic Wand. And lastly, the Magic Wand Plus.

Check out the video to see the specifics on each vibrator. I’ve given the Cliffnotes version below for those of you who don’t do YouTube.

The Original Magic Wand was manufactured and branded by Hitachi. Then, a few years ago, the company found out is was extremely popular as a sex toy. They decided to rebrand it as Vibratex and that’s where it’s at today.

The Original.

You may be slightly turned off by the Magic Wand. After all, it’s not very sexy. It’s big. Clunky. Plain. But give this thing a chance. It’s a beast and, I promise you, it does what it’s meant to do and it does it well.

The original has two settings. Fast and super fast. If it’s too strong for you on low, lay a t-shirt or a washcloth on your lady parts; it can make a huge difference.

The Rechargeable.

The rechargeable Magic Wand is, you guessed it, rechargeable. It has three speed settings and four functions settings. It’s the only of the three wands with different functions.

It’s also cool because it runs on a battery, so you don’t have to be attached to the wall. You can take this baby anywhere. Vacation. Camping. Whatevs.

The Plus.

The newest of my collection, the Magic Wand Plus is much like the original, but it has four speeds. What’s extra nice about that is the low is lower than the setting on the original. So if the Magic Wand is too strong for you, there’s a chance that the Plus won’t be. It’s lowest setting has a nice thud to it, instead of a crazy vibration.

The highest speed on this thing though, it’s pretty fucking strong. Like it hurts my hand to hold on to it strong. May the gods bless you if you can handle that speed on your clitoris!

Is It Worth It?

So you may be wondering if it’s worth it. And I’m here to tell you it is. Definitely!

This baby can make me cum so quick, it’s not even funny. Like less than a minute quick. And it’s great for women who are trying to learn to squirt. And it’s super easy to use in partner sex! #bonus

But don’t think it’s just for the ladies!! Men, too, can find much pleasure in the Wand. Use it on the taint. By the head. Or on the frenulum (where the scar would be if you’re circumcised). Anywhere the damn thing feels good.

Time to Get Your Own Magic Wand!

If you think the Magic Wand may be right for you, you can find one here. And if you purchase through that link, I get a small kickback (it doesn’t cost you any more), which helps me do what I do here on the blog. On YouTube. And the podcast.


~ Molly



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