It was a few years ago and I wanted to show my Hubby the waterfall in the woods behind my father’s house. So we hiked back, and I showed Him this small piece of majestic landscape.  Moving back toward the top of the falls, we find ourselves talking of sex.  And it’s a shame that my folks weren’t home, as we were childless at the moment…

We reached a little knoll near the top of the falls, one that sits a good six to seven feet below the surrounding areas. Glacial rocks lined one side, providing a nice, natural barrier.

It was sweaty and humid, and my Hubby took off His shirt, hanging it in a nearby tree.  I, jokingly at first, bent over one of these rocks, leaving my jean-covered ass sticking out for His enjoyment, while He lit a cigarette to keep the bugs at bay.

I dropped my jeans to my calves while He watched me.

Wiggling my ass at Him, my black lace and satin panties shown off against the white of my thighs.  “That’s lovely,” He murmured, reaching for the camera in His pocket, brought along to snap photos of the falls.  He stood back, a good 20 feet, taking pictures of me bent over the rocks.  Moving closer, He continued snapping and I felt myself becoming wet.

“So lovely,” He said, this time reaching out to touch me.  “I hope you’re getting excited.” His hand dipped between my legs, “because my cock’s already hard.”  He pulled back His right hand and slapped my ass, the sound echoing through the woods. 

My hips began to move on their own accord, pushing back against His exploring hand.

I laid my head on my arms, lowering my torso, arching my back, pushing my ass higher into the air, an offering to the man I loved.

His hand slipped into my panties, first to feel by bare lips, then to manipulate my sex, already wet for Him.  My panties come down next, where they rested mid-thigh, inches above the jeans that kept me from spreading my legs as wide as I’d like. 

“Christ, Moll,” He said, running a hand down from my neck, along my spine. He reached my ass again, then another slap, this time on the other cheek.  His fingers slipped into my folds, and He felt my wetness, and how ready I was for His cock.

Gripping my hips with both hands, He moved closer to me, and I edged forward, just a bit, raising myself up to line my pussy up to His cock.  He ran its head against my slit for a moment while I push back against Him, eager to be filled. 

Without warning, He pushed into my pussy and a deep moan escaped my lips. He thrust into me, not wasting time on slow and gentle, but fucking me hard as soon as my heat encompassed His cock.

Within moments, I was crying out with my first orgasm, hands clawing into the dirt around my head, looking for something to grasp on to as my pussy convulsed around Him. He gripped me harder and increased the tempo of His thrusting. In another moment, I dropped into another state of bliss before the quakes from the first had subsided. 

His body slowed, allowing me to grind my ass against Him while my orgasm peaked, then dipped. He released His hands from my hips and smacking my ass again right where it met the top of my thigh.

I moaned His name between my panting breaths.

Another orgasm or two, and I was withering beneath Him, unaware of the movements my body was making, clawing at the ground, and pushing back against Him. Not being able to control my body’s desires or verbalize my needs, the thoughts running through my head were simplistic, animalistic, full of nothing but needs and wants:  cum, cunt, cock. Cum. Cunt. Cock.

He pulled out and took a step back, hitting me one more time, leaving a fresh, red imprint of His hand on the cheek of my ass.  I turned my head to see what He was doing. I saw Him standing there, watching me, cock in hand, gently stroking Himself, with my cum literally dripping from His cock onto the forest floor at our feet.

“Sir,” I said in a whisper, and before any other words could escape my lips, He was back, filling me, pounding into me.  He growled and one hand moved to my ponytail, wrapping my hair in His hand, as He pushed my head down into the rocks, cool and hard against my sweat-covered cheek.

“Fuck, Sir,” the words slipped unknown from my lips.

“I’m cumming again.” He pounded my pussy even harder, my head moving back and forth across the rock with the strength of His thrusts. He placed His free hand between my shoulders, pushing my torso hard against the rock beneath me, while He pulled my head up and back with the hand wrapped in my hair, forcing me to arch my back even more. 

And here, held in this position, I came again, my pussy squeezing against His cock and a low sound spilled from His lips as His thrusts increased.  He held me there a moment longer before releasing my hair. I fall to the rock, breathing labored, arms and hands reaching for something to grab on to. 

He again grabbed my hips, this time moving my body against His thrusts, making His cock slam against my pussy with every movement.

I felt my orgasm start and my cunt clenched against His cock.  “Sir, can I cum again?” I asked, pussy already dripping my juices.

“Yes, my little cum slut.”

Another minute at this speed, cock and pussy both trembling, and I came again, this time with Him.  Moments before His orgasm, His hand was back in my hair, pushing me down. 

I cried out just moments before the words, “I’m cumming,” slip from His lips.  Another wave of hard, fast thrust, and we began to slow, His hand loosening in my hair and gently running down my sweat covered back.

I turned my head, laying my other cheek against the cool rock, as He stilled inside of me.

“Well that was fun,” He said after a moment, and we both chuckled. He stepped back, withdrawing from my pussy, a mixture of juices spilling down my legs and onto the foliage beneath me.  “Ah, and look,” He said, pulling out the camera again.  “Your ass is still beautifully red.”

I laughed, letting Him snap a few more pictures before I pull up my panties, then my jeans, as we began our hike back home.


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Vince · at

Loved this. Vivid and authentic

"H"∆"₹"D™ · at

Very NicE~~

Dave · at

Very nice…id of lived to suck off both ur juices.

Zeeshaan Yashvardhann · at

Your write up is amazing and there is nothing wrong to talk about sexual experiences.

Jerry · at

Loved this. Before my wife and I got married we lived in Alabama we went to one of the state parks to do some hiking, then we decided to have sex we were not prepared, nothing to lay on so did it from missionary position and my wife had bug bits all over her ass, but it was great sex. And some53 years later in our 70’s we are having some great sex.

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