Dear Molly, What are your thoughts about pubic hair? ~ Harry Hiney

Thank you for the question, Harry! I always appreciate reader questions because it means I don’t have to think up a topic to write about! #Bonus

When it comes to pubic hair, I have personal preferences, but I want to state that pubic hair is natural and if you’re happy with how your pubic hair is, then all is good. Sure, you can change it if a partner requests, but it’s not necessary. Public hair is normal and natural and nothing to be ashamed about if you don’t feel compelled to change it.

Now that the PSA is out of the way, here’s my real opinion on pubic hair. And beware, it’s probably going to get a little TMI up in these parts.

The Reality of Menstruation and Sex and Pubic Hair

From the time I got my first period at age 11 until I had a uterine ablation at 32, my periods were heavy. Like stupid heavy. Like have to carry an extra pair of jeans in the car because it’d likely bleed through heavy.

My periods were also long and frequent. Which means my period would last 10 days or more and my cycle would start every 18 days or so. I bleed more days than I didn’t.

You should also know, dear reader, that I enjoy sex. A lot. And I have a libido that’s a bit more active than most women.

(Here comes the TMI part) When you have a lot of blood and it mixes with pubic hair… Or you have a lot of spunk and it mixes with pubic hair… It kind of forms a mat in the hair. Like pub dreads. It molds together and gets stiff and gross and blocks the orifices.

hairy beaver

Pubic Hair and Oral Sex

And then there’s the fact that I like receiving oral sex. A lot. And during oral sex, I like it when my lover draws my lower lips into his or her mouth and gives them a gentle little suck. Sure, this can be done when my lips are hairy. I, myself, have sucked on hairy vaginal lips. But, damn, it’s so much nicer when those lips are shaved. Both in the feeling of having them sucked, and as the one sucking them into their mouth.

And then there’s the cliché about getting pubic hair stuck in the teeth or in the throat. Although people joke about this, it does happen. More often than one would think. And it’s a pain in the ass. Or rather the throat. Either way, I prefer it when a female lover has her lips shaved, although I don’t require it. But I do prefer it. It makes oral sex more pleasurable and I can get in there where I want without having to part her hair like I’m getting ready to french braid it.

And, fuck, is a naked pussy pretty. When the hair is gone, I can see everything I want to see. Her plump, swollen lips. The wetness shining off her lips and on her slit. Hmmm. Yes. A naked pussy is a beautiful pussy. And so is a hairy pussy. But I just can’t see what I want to see. And, if they’re really bushy, it can make my throat kind of itchy just by looking at it.

pubic hair hanging out of bikini

Unexpected Influences on the Decision to Shave

Based on all the above information, I started shaving my pussy when I was about 16 and I continued for years. Not just years, but decades. And then, about four years ago or so, I was faced with a situation. I had two pre-teen daughters who were at the age that they were going to start developing pubic hair.

And although I didn’t make a habit of parading through the house naked, there were situations when they would see me naked. And I didn’t want them to feel any more self-conscious about their bodies than they already did.

So I started to let my pubic hair grow in.

Not full bush. But a neat little triangle, with a shaved bikini line and lower lips. My girls know I shave part of my hair so it doesn’t sneak out under my bathing suit, but they also know that I have hair down there. Just like they do.

So, how do I feel about pubic hair?

I’d prefer not to have any of my own, but I don’t hate having it, as long as it’s not matting up with spunk and blood.

On a lover, I prefer the areas I take into my mouth to be hair free. So that includes around a woman’s clitoris and her lips, and a man’s balls and shaft.

Other than that, I don’t mind pubic hair. And when my lover has nether curls, I like to wrap my fingers in it and give it little tugs. It kind of turns me on, even.

So I like it where I like it, and I like it gone from the areas I don’t like it.

I guess I want to bake my cake and eat it, too.


~ Molly

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