The Clitoris! It seems just about perfect that this post is following the G-spot guide. Because, let’s face it, the clitoris and G-spot are closely related. And, fuck, do they both bring us ladies a shit load of pleasure.

And, like the G-spot, the clitoris is shrouded in mystery (although I must say, I’ve never understood the urban legend of how hard the clitoris is to find… Spend some time between a woman’s legs, and just be a little observant and you should know right where it is). But modern science has had some major breakthroughs and we now know the clitoris is sooo much bigger than we first imagined.

That’s why I have a life-size clitoris model, what I like to refer to as Molly’s Golden Clitoris, and why I made this video, showing you the ins and outs of the organ and how you can use that to your pleasure advantage.

If you can’t watch the video right now, but want the run down, here it is.

The clitoris is huge.

And made of erectile tissue.

Which means it reacts to stimulation by becoming engorged with blood and swelling.

Just like a penis.

Also like a penis, the clitoris has a glans (the head that is visible outside the body under the clitoral hood… What we commonly refer to as the clit), a shaft, corpus cavernosum, and the bulbs of vestibule. This whole structure lays behind almost all of the vulva.

So, what’s this mean to you?clitoris model

It means think of the clitoris as a mini penis.

Don’t just do circles with your fingertip on the visible clit. Instead, gently pinch the clitoral hood and stroke the shaft beneath it like a little cock. Or, even better, if you have a lover, have them gently suck on your clit. It can feel A. Fucking. Mazing.

The bulbs of vestibule reside behind the labia and when aroused, they engorge and swell, making the vaginal lips puffy and swollen. Relate the bulbs to the testes and they can bring a lot of pleasure when played with. Not like orgasmic pleasure, but pleasure none the less.

Try rubbing these. Maybe giving them a little tug. Again, if you have a lover, have them take your lips into his or her mouth and gently sucks on them.

#sigh #afewofmyfavoritethings

So, yeah. The clitoris is so much bigger than most of us give it credit for. And it can bring us so much more pleasure than you ever imagined!

So go play with your clit (or your partner’s clit). And find new ways to make it feel good. And then come tell me about it!


~ Molly

PS: Want to bring the clitoris even more pleasure? Download my free cunnilingus cheat sheet and have everything you need right at your fingertips!

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