Some sex resolutions for your new year!

First, a great big happy new year to all of you, dear readers! I’m so excited to be starting this new year with a new blog, spreading sexy love to a whole new demographic of folks!

And, since it’s the time for resolutions and goals and big dreams, I wanted to take just about a minute or five and talk to you about sexual resolutions, or what I like to call some sexsolutions. And they are just that… Sex solutions.

So without further ado, here are three ideas to get your thoughts between the sheets and in the gutter:

sex resolution

Sex Resolution 1: Speak up.

It’s time to open up and talk to your partner about what you want and what you need in the bedroom. Want more sex? Bring it up. Not getting off? Verbalize it. Want to get your ass spanked or dress up in some latex or have your partner call you “Dom”? Then tell them!

Keeping secrets about your needs and pleasure is never a good thing and will NOT bring you sexual satisfaction. And really, if we’re honest, isn’t that our ultimate goal?

sex resolution

Sex Resolution 2: Try Something New

It doesn’t matter if you’re seasoned kinkster or if you’ve only had sex in missionary position in the dark, this year, try something new. Maybe it’s something as simple as 69ing or maybe it’s electro-stim and nipple torture.

Trying something new and have your own sexual adventure. Because when two people engage in new and novel experiences, aka adventures and new activities, it increases their bonds and improves their relationship. And who doesn’t want that?

sex resolution

Sex Resolution 3: Slow down.

So often, we rush through life. We woof down our food, barely tasting it. We rush from one activity to the next, never slowing down to actually appreciate the present. And when it comes to sex, the same holds true.

In a study of 500 couples, sex time, measured from penial penetration to ejaculation, ranged from 33 seconds to 40 minutes. The average time was a mere 5.4 minutes.

I want to encourage you, yes, you dear reader, to slow down. Make it last. Savor each and every moment, feel every sensation. Don’t have a partner? Then now is an even better time to slow it down. Set aside at least an hour for a masturbation session and see how long you can extend your pleasure.

Did you set a sex resolution this year? Share it in the comments. Want more of me in your inbox? Sign up to my newsletter!


Vince · at

Happy New year!

Yes. Be more vocal and open.
Just graduated with masters so I’m on a high from that

Also talking about desires more

    Molly · at

    Yes, yes, yes!! All so important. And all lead to a more fulfilling relationship and playtime! 🙂

Yash Pal · at

Happy New Year
Really it helps in improving relationship with partner.

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