A decade ago, nipple torture is something I never would have considered engaging in. I didn’t see its appeal and it didn’t sound sexy at all. But, after opening up to the idea, I’ve realized opinions can change and, sometimes, things we never thought we’d like can turn us on more than we thought possible.

The Basics of Nipple Torture

Nipple torture, as the name describes, refers to the practice of inflicting pain to the nipples for sexual gratification. While the breasts and nipples are sometimes very sensitive, and many cringe at the idea of rough play, you must keep in mind that nipples are designed for breastfeeding, which, believe me, can hurt like a mother fucker.

When breastfeeding, nipples will chafe, peal, and callous. The average nipple torture, won’t come close to that.

But as always, couples should take things slow the first few times they engage in any new kinky activity and, always, communicate about what you’re experiencing and feeling.

Also, it should be noted a woman’s breasts change throughout the month with her cycles. Just because you like to have your nipples pulled as hard as they can be on Saturday night, doesn’t mean you’re going to like that kind of play on Thursday afternoon.

nipple torture

Nipple piercing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Methods of Nipple Torture

There are, obviously, multiple ways to engage in nipple torture. Although I don’t cover them all here, I’m covering the basics here and some of my favorites. But don’t let this list limit your imagination, instead, let it inspire you to find what turns you on the most.

Fingers and Teeth

Obviously, the most basic style of nipple play and/or torture is done with the fingers and the teeth. When you’re looking for some general nipple play, instead of kinky torture, check out my guide to nipple play, but if you’re looking for something a little heavier, continue reading. With biting and pinching, remember to build up your partner, start slow and gradually push those limits. Mix it up, play around, pinch and squeeze. Pinch and pull. Bite and scrap. Pull with your teeth. All sorts of ways to go here, use your imaginations.

Hitting and Flogging

Although this is more about breast play then nipples in particular, I consider then the same category. When playing with flagellation in this area, keep in mind you should be gentle, perhaps even more gentle than either of you would like. I once had blood clots form and, never connecting them to rough breast play, mentioned it to my OB/GYN. He ordered an ultrasound and the tech was stumped. Asked if I had recently experienced any “breast trauma.”

Oh. Snap.

So, yeah. Be careful when you start playing these games. Start with light spanking, like with a hand, soft leather flogger, paddle, or crop. More severe punishment tools, such as canes and whips, can be used, but proceed with caution. The breasts have a lot going on that can be damaged by blunt force.

Also, breast tissue tends to be extra sensitive and will lacerate much quicker than, say, the cheeks of her ass. So beat with care my little darlings, get those breasts a nice, glowing, candy apple red, but if she starts getting welts, I’d recommend slowing down a bit.

nipple tortureNipple Clamps

First, some general information on clamps. Some love nipple clamps. The bit of extra weight. The cold metal against skin .The chain bouncing against the breasts. Fuck, I’m getting myself distracted here.

Ok, *clears throat*, back to nipple clamps.

There are all sorts of clamps out there and they all serve different purposes. Some work better on little nipples, some on big nipples. Some are good for beginners, but the seasoned expert with scoff at them. Look around, see what works best for you. I recommend starting with an adjustable set, that way you’re not stuck with something that’s too weak or too strong.

And don’t think they need to be something fancy from a specialty kink shop. Clothes pins can become fantastic nipple clamps, as can mini C-clamps from your local hardware store. Get creative and look around, you may be surprised with what you come up with!

The first time you use clamps, be prepared.

It’s most likely going to hurt way worse than you anticipate. It hurts when the clamps are first placed on the nipples(and take some care here, as when they slip off unexpectedly, it can be rather painful). Place the clamps as close to the base of the nipple as possible, that way, the whole of the nipple is being pinched, reducing the risk of an accidental slip off.

Once the clamps are in place, the pain dulls. Until you take them off. Don’t leave them on too long, especially for the novice. As the real pain, and I mean the REAL pain with nipple clamps is when they come off.

As the blood rushes back into the surface of the nipple, a jolt of hot pain accompanies it. The closest comparison I can think of is when you’re a child, playing in the snow with your gloves off. Your hands get cold and you don’t really even notice. But once you come in, and they begin to warm up, you get an almost burning sensation. When you take off nipple clamps, it’s kind of like that.

For the best experience, take off the clamps at the peak of orgasm. The sensation can make you crest that wave and intensify the orgasm. The pain, while strong, is relatively short lived, and can be dulled by putting a bit of pressure on the nipple to soothe it.

nipple torture

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ice and Wax

Sensation play is a rough one for me to talk about, as it seems one is either really into it, or really not. As with anything else (I’m sure you are getting tired of hearing me say this), take it slow. Particularly with the wax, as the skin of the nipple is slightly different from skin elsewhere on the body.

Start easy and progress slowly; just because it doesn’t burn on your forearm does not mean it’s not going to burn on her nipple. First degree burns happen way easier than people realize, and man, would that fucking suck having burns on your nipples.

Play around with hot and cold and see what gets her rocks off. And another fun trick, although somewhat vanilla, is to not only use wax and ice, but hot tea and ice water in your mouth before taking his nipple between your lips.  Rotate back and forth between the liquids and watch for responses as first he feels a warm, steamy mouth, then an ice-cold chilly tongue flicking across his nipple.


If you’re going to play with electro-stim, I recommend getting a kit designed for sexual play. If not, the next safest option is a TENS unit or a Violet Wand.

Electro-stim is another one of those kinks you’re either into or your not. Those who aren’t often don’t even want to try it. But with a partner you trust and a system that has a low range of stimulation, it can be a quite pleasing experience. Not only on the nipples, but in various erogenous zones across the body.

So there you have it folks, the fundamentals of nipple torture.

Feel free to add your comments, thoughts, or questions in the comments!


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