I wrote this piece about sexual freedom nearly a decade ago. I’ve pulled it back out of the archives in recognition of the Trans Day of Visibility, which was yesterday, March 31. But this isn’t about being trans. Or gay. Or bi. Or any of the things. But it is about acceptance. Of ourselves. Of others. Of things we don’t understand. Because we don’t always need to understand to be okay with something.

Although society puts pressure on us to confirm to the “norm” sexually, we can’t expect change until we’re willing to set aside our own inhibitions, quit censoring each other, and embrace all safe, sane, and consensual sex. Only then can true sexual freedom be achieved. Personally and culturally.

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Davina Vaga · at

Instead of the 18+ legal crap that everybody skips and accepts without reading, this article should be a mandatory read for anyone who gets into a 18+ area of any social media, website or whatever.

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