Penis size. It’s quickly becoming the most frequent topic of questions followers ask me. Is my penis too small? Can I make it bigger? What’s normal?

So I decided to make a video and just put it out there. Chances are your penis is normal. Chances are, you think the average dick size is bigger than it is.

Check out the video. Subscribe to the channel. And stop fretting about your penis size.

If you’re not a fan of YouTube, here’s the rundown of the video’s information:

Before we jump into penis size, I want you to know that the size of your penis has little to do with your ability to be a good lover. Having good oral sex skills makes you a good lover. So does making her squirt. Having a big cock? Nope. Not necessarily going to make you a good lover. Having a small cock? That doesn’t mean you’re going to be a bad lover.

Also know that the vagina is not an endless hole and that the average pussy is only 3-5 inches deep. And when the cervix is pounded on over and over from those big cocks out there, sometime it hurts like a mother fucker.

Now onto penis size.

The average erect penis size of human males, regardless of race, color, or creed, is 5.16 inches. Five inches. That’s it. Probably about the same length as your cell phone. Smaller than the length of my hand.

5 inches.

Now, there are some differences among different demographics.

On the smallest side of the scale is South Koreans with an average penis size of 3.7 inches.

The United States falls right in the middle at 5.1 inches.

And the Sudan and Congo come in at the top with cocks averaging 7.1 inches. To put things in perspective, the dildo in the picture below is 10.5 inches.

Penis size

And the current record for the largest penis on a living human is a New Yorker. A white guy with a cock that measures 13.5 inches. Dude claims he was once stopped by the TSA because they thought it was a bomb.

Don’t get too caught up on penis size.

The fact is 97.5% of men have what we consider a “normal” sized penis. If your cock falls on the small side, don’t stress about it. There are certain positions that work great with small cocks. And know that massive cocks come with their own challenges.

Let me leave you with this. Men, no woman has ever reached out and asked me about the size of her man’s penis. No woman has mentioned it in any of the surveys I’ve put out. Not one. But men ask me all the time. It’s y’all who’s caught up on it. Not your lady.

So please stop putting so much of your identity into your cock. Seriously. It’s not the cock that makes the man. And the size of your penis has little to do with your ability to be a good lover.

And, once more time, chances are your cock is perfectly normal.


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