.pillows as props
  • Avoid morning sex, especially if you have issues with herniated or ruptured discs. The back is the most compressed when rising in the morning and the pain should be less significant if you wait at least 90 minutes.
  • Take a hot shower before you head to the bedroom. This helps your muscles relax and makes it less likely to pull or injury the back.
  • If it’s safe for you to take anti-inflammatory medications, pop a could Aleve about an hour or so beforehand. Again, this loosens you up and make it less likely to experience pain during sex.
  • Use your hips and knees more than your back. Keep the back and spine stable by engaging your core muscles to protect the spine.
  • Add some props, try small pills and rolled up towels. Put there where ever you need to them to ease pain. I use an oversized triangle pillow that can make a difference.
  • Talk about it. Let your partner know about your pain. That way they can help find something that works for both of you.
  • Broaden your definition of sex. As always, sex doesn’t have to be penis-in-vagina. Expand what sex and intimacy means to you and don’t feel that you have to fit in some little box definition. If actual intercourse is too much, consider things like oral sex and mutual masturbation. They are just as valid and can be just as satisfying and intimate.

Hope this was helpful!

And as always, if you have any questions about sex or relationships, don’t hesitate to ask! Email me at molly@yourbestsexualself.com.