Today, I’m talking about the frenulum and fourchette, pleasure zones you may not be quite familiar with.

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As always, if YouTube’s not your thing, keep reading for the low down on this pleasure spot you need to know about!

The Frenulum and Fourchette

The same part, just organized differently.

frenulum and fourchette on the male

This is the frenulum…

You find the frenulum on the underside of the penis. In men who are circumcised, this area is where his scar is. In men who are uncircumcised, this is where the foreskin gathers and the skin changes color.

frenulum and fourchette on the female

And this is the fourchette.

In women, the fourchette is the same part, but in a different location. You can find it near the bottom of the vulva, where the outer labia come together.

Stimulating the Frenulum and Fourchette

Because they’re similar, just like the clitoris and the penis, the frenulum and fourchette tend to respond to the same type of stimulation. It can feel good to:

  • Rub this area (try gently pinching the skin and using it to massage itself)
  • Lick this area
  • Suck on this area
  • Move it around with a finger or tongue

Everyone is different, of course, so play around and find what feels good to you and go with it.

Play with Your Lover and Yourself

The best part of the frenulum and fourchette is that, chances are, stimulating them feels pretty similar to both those with penises and those with vaginas.

So start with yourself. Next time  you rub one down, play with this area. Experiment. See what feels good and if you can create different pleasurable sensations.

And then take what you know and apply it your lover. See if what feels good for you, feels good for them. See if what brings you pleasure may also bring them pleasure. And vice versa!

If you find this helpful, let me know about your experience! Drop a comment below or email me at

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