It’s time to review the Entice Vivien a beautiful vibrator that’s a joy to look at and play with.

This little boy went well above and beyond my expectations. When I finally set out to review this rabbit-style vibrator, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. I’ve used my fair share of rabbits before and although I don’t mind them, they aren’t my favorite.

Well, fuck. I was wrong.

I grabbed the Entice Vivien and opened up my laptop, headed to my favorite porn site. I wasn’t even horny or aroused, and seemed to be treating it more as a chore than a favorite activity (which happens more than most realize when you review sex toys).

As I ran the silicone over my mound, I noticed the smooth, soft material and how nice the low vibration was.

And then I noticed the heat.

Yes, the heat.

And oh. my. god. The things it does. I never knew what heat could do, and now, in reflection, I’m kind of pissed off that I never realized how phenomenal just a little touch could be.

  • 100% phthalate free silicone
  • Warms to 104 degrees while vibrating
  • Available in pink, raspberry, and purple

It didn’t take me long to find the right combination of vibrations and soon I had the Entice Vivien nudging between my lips, already starting to glisten with moisture. A few thrusts later, he’s buried deep and I kick on the second motor, the one located in the little “rabbit,” and I was in heaven.


I kicked it up another notch and with a slight movement of my hips and a tweak and a pinch to my nipple, I was cumming. Hard.

  • Independent dual motors
  • 4 inches long with a diameter of 1.25 inches at the thickest
  • Slight G-spot curve for added pleasure
  • 8 different functions on each vibrator

Entice Vivien in box

I was pleasantly surprised by the Entice Vivien’s ability to make me crest so quickly, but I was only five minutes into my masturbation session and I wanted more. And let me tell you, it gave more. Three orgasms in the next five minutes, along with a wet towel and a dripping hand.

The Entice Vivien isn’t too bad for a rabbit.

Not too bad at all. This guy has found a permanent place in my nightstand drawer.

Entice Vivien vibrator

  • First, the Entice Vivien is rechargeable, and thus far the best rechargeable I’ve ever seen. It’s a USB charge, which means that you can charge it just about anywhere you’ve got a computer. The charger connects with magnets on the controller. Therefore there isn’t any plug port to get dirty or worry about. Really cool feature.
  • Waterproof. Always a huge bonus!
  • The controller is a little confusing at first, as there are only two buttons and they control both motors, the heat and all the functions.
  • It turns on by holding down both buttons for 3-5 seconds. The main vibrator will turn on. Hit the bottom button to turn on the heat. And then hit it again to change functions. Hit the top button to start the second vibrator.
  • Both vibrators have eight functions. 1) small and steady: sss    2) slightly stronger, but not toe curling: zzz   3) strong in a numbing kind of way: ZZZ 4) quick and strong pulses: Z Z Z  5) quick, than long, with a bit of escalation: ss ss zzzzZZZZ 6) quick pulses, strong, than weak: ZZ ZZ ZZ zz zz zz 7) feels random, although I assume there is some pattern to it 8) strong, long pulses: ZZZ  ZZZ.
  • I’ve struggled to figure out how to shut it off. The directions say to hold down both buttons for 5 seconds, but that doesn’t always seem to work right away. Sometimes it likes to flip through a few functions first.
  • The Entice Vivien is silicone, so remember to not use silicone lubes and keep it away from other silicone toys.
  • Wash with a  toy cleaner or simply soap and water.

Really, the Entice Vivien is a fantastic toy. If you’re thinking of a vibrator, go with this one, you will not be disappointed.

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