How a dirty little secret can turn you on and get you randy

Last week, I interviewed at a private local college for a writing position in their marketing department. While the interview went well, I found that my cheeks wore a flush throughout the entire hour and 20 minutes.

No, I wasn’t attracted to the person giving the interview. And no, I hadn’t been laid right before I’d arrived.

No. I had a dirty little secret.

It wasn’t even that dirty. It wasn’t like I was wearing a butt plug or had a vibrating egg buried deep in my pussy. No, it was nothing that extreme.

It was, in fact, a rather small secret.

Just some thigh highs and a garter belt. Just a few pictures snapped on my way to the interview and sent to my Hubby.

Nothing major.

But just enough.

Just enough to make me feel sexy. To keep my cheeks flushed. To keep me aware of the satin straps on my thighs. Of the pull of the nylons.

So, all through the hour long trip to my interview. Through the actual interview, which lasted well over an hour. And then the hour drive home, I was aware of my thigh highs and garter. I was aware of how they felt on my legs and thighs.

And when I walked in the door, just 15 minutes before dinner was ready, my Hubby looked me up and down, well aware at this point of what was under my skirt, and a grin spread across his face.

I walked toward him. He bent to kiss my cheek. And his lips trailed to my ear, where he whispered,

“I can’t wait to fuck you in that garter belt tonight.”

And my heart skipped a beat.

So how does a dirty little secret enhance your sex life? It gets you thinking about sex. It turns you on. And fires up your libido. And every single one of those things is a wonderful thing.

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Vince · at

And this is why you get it. Sex, love, and marriage is what you put into it.

Also, hope you get the job!

    Molly · at

    Thanks Vince. I told them I wasn’t interested in the job. Not nearly enough flexibility for my liking. I freelance and wasn’t really looking for a 9 to 5, but they offer free tuition for children and I’ve got three kids. But they’re not quite old enough yet for me to give up what I’d need to give up. If my oldest were in 11th grade, instead of 6th, it would have been a different story.

    And it’s interesting how you said that. My old blog, the one I wrote under a pen name was called Love, Sex, and Marriage.

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