Lets face it, sex rocks. I imagine you feel the same too, or you probably wouldn’t be here reading this.

But lately I’ve been thinking, us girls in our thirties, we’re a bunch of fun. We’re finally over our adolescent expectation of fairy tales and knights in shining armor. We fully understand that you can’t read our mind and know that you don’t expect us to be perfect. We’re well enough into our careers and our life that we know how to take care of ourselves and can stand on our own two feet.

And we’ve finally learned how to let go and enjoy sex.

Inspired by being one, I compiled a list of reasons why sex with women in their 30s rocks.

1. We love sex.

Science tells us one of our great sexual peaks occurs in our early thirties. If nurtured and cared for, this peak just keeps on going and many women report it occurs multiple times over the next few decades. Not only are our hormones driving us, but we’ve come to enjoy sex for sex. The over anxious teen and the self-conscious twenty-two year old are gone. What’s left is a woman who knows that sex feels good and loves nothing more than getting down in the sheets.

2. We know our bodies.

By now, we’ve learned about our bodies and what things feel good and what things don’t. Some of us may not have touched ourselves in high school, but by the time that we’re in our thirties, most women have started to masturbate. Whether alone or with a partner, we’ve learned what we like and how our bodies respond. We’ve learned how to make ourselves cum, which makes it so much easier for you to make us cum.

3. We aren’t afraid to show you.

The majority of women masturbate (according to Sexuality and U, over 62 percent of women between 30 and 39 admit to having masturbated in the last year). We’ve learned how to get ourselves off and by this stage in the game, most of us are pretty good at it. If you’re open to a little instruction, and the thought of watching a woman touch herself turns you on, then simply ask. We’ll show you how we like it.

4. We’re at terms with our bodies.

Shortly into our thirties, women start to come to terms with our bodies. That doesn’t mean we don’t try to be healthy or look good, but we’ve emotionally dealt with scars, stretch marks, and widening hips. We know they’re there and we’re (finally) all right with it. We no longer worry so much about hiding our flaws from you that we can’t relax and enjoy a good fuck.

5. We’re willing to experiment.

Raised in era more tolerant than that of our parents, many of us have lived a more sexually adventurous life than those generations before us. And now that we’re in our thirties, we’re willing to take chances and try something new, whether that means anal sex or playing around with a female friend. I can’t speak for all my peeps, as long as it’s safe, sane, and consensual, if it’s suggested, there’s not a whole lot I won’t try at least once.

6. We’re a little dirty.

Come on girls, we all know you’re a little dirty. We all are, and one of the things many of us have come to understand is that we don’t have be ashamed of it anymore. See, men like it when a girl can be sweet and charming and still be a little kinky in bed. If you like it when he pulls your hair or smacks your ass, don’t worry about it; men like it that way. Whether we want to admit it our not, most of us have read 50 Shades, watched quite a bit of porn, and we like it when things get a little dirty.

7. We’re okay with different types of relationships.

Yes, some of us may be looking for love, but that doesn’t mean that’s what we want out of every relationship. Sometimes we’re okay with friends with benefits and fuck buddies. At this point in our lives we understand not every relationship is destined for eternity and many of us aren’t looking for that anyway. Sometimes we just want fun. Sometimes we want casual. Sometimes we just want to fuck until we can’t see straight.

8. We can take care of ourselves.

We know how to take care of ourselves and aren’t needy. Yes, we may like it if you hold open the door, but we know how to mow the lawn, change a tire, and shovel the driveway and we don’t need you with us to go buy a car. If you’re looking for a girl who’s going to call you every time she breaks a nail, don’t look in our cohort. Us girls in our thirties, we’ve been on our own long enough that we know how to take care of ourselves and do a pretty damn good job of it.

9. We’re balanced.

When we were in our twenties, life was sometimes out of control, one aspect or another out of balance than the rest. But now that we’re in our thirties, we’ve balanced out. We have decent relationships with our family, we have friends, co-workers, hobbies, a career. We’ve got a life that we love and we’re not willing to suddenly drop everything because you’re a good lay. We’re busy, and although we have time for fun, we don’t have time to spend all day worrying about a man.

10. We’re sex positive.

We’re sex positive. Sex, for women in their thirties, isn’t something we shy away from in discussions. We’re not afraid to talk about it and be open to different opinions and perspectives. Most of us have a range of friends, including gay guys and lesbians. We may know couples that are in open relationships or swing with other couples. We know, we understand, and we don’t judge.

11. We’re multi-orgasmic.

So I’m one of those lucky girls who have been multi-orgasmic for a very long time. But I know many women aren’t like that. But now that my friends and I are more mid-thirties than early-thirties, the quality and quantity of orgasms seems to be improving. I’ve had friends just randomly tell me how many times they came last night , or that they just had their first squirting orgasm. In our thirties, we’re cumming, and we’re doing it a lot.

12. We’re done playing games.

Although many of us would like to deny it, we’ve all played games with men before. It may not be something we’re proud of, but by the time we’re in our thirties, we’re over it. We’ve realized playing head games is for kids and crazy people, and we’ve stopped doing it. We’re real. We say what we think and we don’t act a certain way because we think you’ll like us better. If you don’t like us how we are, then move on. We don’t have time for it.

13. We can control our crazy.

We’re all a little crazy, us women, no matter what our age. Don’t say you’re not girls, because we all are. But by the time women hit their thirties, we’ve learned a lot about our craziness and have become quite skilled at controlling it, at least most of the time. That means less drama and less bat shit crazy to deal with. You’re welcome boys.

14. We don’t fake it.

We’ve all faked it at one point or another and many of us have done it a lot. But by now, we’re over it. If we don’t cum, we don’t cum. Sometimes the dice fall that way. If it’s something you’re doing wrong, we’ll either show you how to do it or do it ourselves. Sometimes the orgasms just aren’t there to get. You should be man enough to know it’s not your fault and we don’t feel like you’re less of a lover because of it. Please don’t think that about us either. But regardless, we’re not faking it. You’ll have to deal with it.

What do you think?

So what do you think about sex with women in their 30s? Does it rock? Tell me why in the comments.

DISCLAIMER: Okay, so I know there’s a lot of generalizations and what not, and I’m not saying these things are exclusive of women in their thirties. They’re not.

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Mpandamano · at

You are right in every aspect of your narrative. I like that too. I like fucking every day if only my partner would consent, but I understand it’s not possible due to fatigue and other issues regarding the female body-you know what I mean!
Overall, I rate you to be hot from your narration and I like women like you!

Ryan · at

I’ve always prefered women from 25-35, from the age 17 and up i preferred women passed the “game playing crazies” age… i like a bit crazy but not games, games were never any good. Mind you i did like a good spat from time to time, make up sex is the best! I just hope i will NEVER understand having sex only once or twice a week, im recently single but every gf i’ve ever had had since i was 15 has been into sex JUST as much as me. Sex has always been a daily thing, at minimum twice a day….once in the morning and again at bedtime, on special occasions we’d go all night leaving just enough time to shower and get ready for work. Then on the MORE special occasions calling in sick instead and just fuck all day…lol, those will always be the best days! I hope i never go a day without sex when im in relationships!

Vince · at

The interesting thing is that I’ve always been attracted to older women. Even if they were a year older. I guess I always felt like they would be more understanding of me being differently abled.

As I go through my 30s now, it confirms what I always knew, as women get older, they care more about who you are inside.

She was 7 years older. And although I grew emotionally in ways I never wanted, she taught me a lot about love, women, and my body.

I choose to focus on the good and not the heartbreak

Testessa · at

If you think 30s are great, 40s are even better! No question and by far! Enjoy everyone!

Earl R kEITH · at

I lost my virginity when i was 16 years to a 35 year old woman she was hotter than a forest fire and taught me every thing i needed to know on how to please a woman we were drinking and in her bed for at least 3hrs and believe it or not i didnt cum until she wanted me to its almost like she hypnotized me she took her time and had at least 5 or six orgasms when i finally came in her i have always loved older women ever since and i get more pleasure out of giving a woman an orgasm than having one myself

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