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A True Erotic Story: Hiking

It was a few years ago and I wanted to show my Hubby the waterfall in the woods behind my father's house. So we hiked back, and I showed Him this small piece of majestic landscape.  Moving back toward the top of the falls, we find ourselves talking of sex. 

An Erotica Story: The Struggle


It's dark. My senses heightened. I pull at my wrists, but it's no use, the ropes are secure. They don't budge. Still, I fight, thrashing against the bed. But for only a moment, as he was waiting for this, and he reaches out, smoothing my hair back from my face, damp with

A Threesome Story


An erotic threesome story, showing what sex can be like when you share the things you love.

The Hero: An Erotica Story

erotic story

I wrote this awhile ago for a submission call, but never sent it in. I left the first few thousand words off, as it's all back story. The plot for the porn, if you will. Without further ado, The Hero: An Erotic Story He’s going to kiss me, I think and a flashback

5 Minute Erotica: He Thought I Was Asleep

He must have thought I was asleep. The room had been quiet for nearly an hour, both of us underneath the covers on opposite sides of the bed. When I felt his weight shifting, I figured he was finally dosing off and was surprised when I heard the telltale rustle of blankets

Wedding Night Revisited: An Erotic Story

erotic story

We were moving my mother, carrying boxes from the basement of one house to the basement of another. I picked up an oversized box and looked at the label. I looked over my shoulder and called to my husband. "My wedding dress," I nodded to the box. "Think it still fits?" "I

5 Minute Erotica: The Bathtub


It had been a long day. Too long of a day. Between the baby's cries and the bitchy women at work, she was exhausted. Once the house was quiet for the night, she poured herself a glass of wine and headed into the bathroom, the water for her bath already filling

Last Call: An Erotica Story


Jen heard the bartender call last call at the same moment she realized she'd drank just a little too much and the room was starting to tilt. "Fuck," she murmured, hoping the spinning wouldn't start before she got home safe. She decided to forgo a final drink and instead ordered a

Broken: An Erotica Story

She looks at him like he’s stupid for not understanding her. “I said I wanted to fuck. I didn’t say I wanted to kiss.” Will’s face turns red and his words are heated. “So that’s how you want it?” “Yes,"She says, snide sarcasm oozing from her mannerism and words. In two strides, Will