It’s dark. My senses heightened.

I pull at my wrists, but it’s no use, the ropes are secure. They don’t budge. Still, I fight, thrashing against the bed. But for only a moment, as he was waiting for this, and he reaches out, smoothing my hair back from my face, damp with sweat.

With struggle.

“Shhh…” he says, lips close to my ear, causing goose bumps to spread across my arm.

I glare at him. Angry at him. At myself. At my body for its willing response to his closeness, his attention.

I breathe deep, trying to gain control of myself and my reactions. Struggle against the restraints again. I hear his chuckle, quiet, like he’s trying to hold it back.

“Love,” he whispers, lips against my cheek, hands moving across my breasts. I look straight at him, my eyes blazing. I can hear his smile.

“How long are you going to fight this?”

His hands lower to run over my stomach, “Fight me?” His hand dips lower, just grazing my clit.

I arch to meet him and hate myself for it. Tears form in my eyes. He looks down at me. “Are you ready for me to take it out yet?”

I don’t answer. He rolls the rubber ball around a moment, thinking. “Are  you ready?” he asks again.

I lower my eyes. “That’s my good girl,” he says, laying a kiss on one breast, then reaching behind my head, lifting my hair and pulling the gag over and out of my mouth.

Before he’s able to lay in the table, I struggle against my bonds. “You mother fucking prick! Let me go!” I demand.

He smirks, “Feisty tonight, Love?”

“Fuck you!” venom spills from my lips.

“You will, my Love, have no doubt about it.”

I’m relentless in my fight, arching, pulling, pushing, cursing, screaming. I feel him stand up and move away from the bed. I pay no attention, engrossed in my tantrum. And then I hear the door shut.

I yell louder. Become obscene. No response. I continue to fight against the ropes, knowing it’s pointless, but not caring.

Eventually I calm down, exhausted and tired of yelling into the darkness.

Endless moments later, he opens the door, leaning against the frame.

“Done yet?”

I look the other way. Refuse to comply.

I hear him move. Then I feel the leather land softly on my breasts, trail down my stomach and fall between my legs. I feel my pussy grow wetter, even as I fight against it. My nipples harden as he does it again.

I start thrashing.


He’s done with my playing, my disobedience. His voice commands a response and I become still on the bed. “I asked if you were done. Answer me.”

I remain silent, glaring at him. I tug on my restraints, just to prove my point.

He growls as he raises his hand and brings the flogger down across my breasts, no longer playing, but punishing. And my body betrays me, arching towards him, wanting the touch of leather.

“Look at you, you little slut,” he laughs. “You try to defy me, but your body knows who is Master here.”

“Dick,” I say, the word spitting from my lips.

“I bet you’re wet.”

His voice has become husky. He unbuckles his belt. Drops his pants to the floor. “Open your legs for me, Love.”

“Fuck you.”

His voice lowers, loosing its humor. “If that’s how you want to play, that’s fine.” He grabs my ankles before I realize his plan. As I start to fight, he flips me onto my stomach, and pins my legs down with one arm, half laying across me. With skilled hands, he quickly secures my legs to the bed.

He stands back, at an angle where I can’t see, but I imagine him there, admiring his handiwork, cock hardening, as he looks down at my helplessness, my legs spread wide, arms straight above my head. He runs the leather up my thigh, across my pussy and a moan escapes my lips before I can stop it. I pull on my arms again, wanting to be free.

He laughs, “You fight so hard against it.  We both know you want this.” The leather moves across my ass.

“Fuck you,” I say, “I don’t want this.”

He stops. “Then say the word.”

I look the other way.

“Well, then,” he says, “we continue.” He moves to the side of the bed, where I can see him. His cock is hard, rigid, and pre-cum is beading on its head.

My mouth waters, my pussy throbs. He moves closer, again trailing the whip down my back, across my ass. He swings and I feel the soft sting where my legs and ass meet. I groan. He knows my body, and its needs. My hips involuntarily push back, lifting my ass into the air.

“That’s it, Love. Quit fighting,” his voice now velvet.

His hand reaches out, sliding over my ass and into my wetness. I’m dripping, my cunt open for him. Ready.

“My god,” he says, plunging two fingers into me. I try to fight again, pulling at my arms, trying to thrash, but I have no room to move. His fingers glide in and out, over and over. I don’t want to cum, don’t want to give him the satisfaction of control. Of my obedience.

Tears form in my eyes from struggling against the pleasure, pissing me off even more. I try to hide my face, to keep him from seeing, and a sob escapes my lips. If he heard me, he ignores it, continuing to play with my pussy. Three fingers now, slipping deep inside me.

My breath quickens and my body moves on its own will. I struggle to regain control. And I struggle not to cum, fighting back my pending orgasm.

His hand moves from my pussy to my ass, first massaging me, then spreading my cheeks. He leans over to whisper in my ear, as he dips his fingers back into my wet cunt, toying with my clit.

“You are so fucking beautiful.”

I breathe deep, refusing to give in to the sensations building in my loins. Refusing to feel pride in his praise.

“I’m going to taste you,” his fingers circling round again and again. “Then I’m going to fuck you.” His tongue licks along the edge of my ear. His fingers push back into my pussy. “And you will beg me for it.” His hand moves from my pussy and a finger presses into my ass. I gasp and push back against him, wanting more, forgetting my fight, panting with excitement.

“Yes,” he says, pleased with my compliance. He moves between my legs, pulling at my hips, raising my ass as high as the ropes will allow. “What a pretty pussy…” he says, running a finger from my clit to my ass, back and forth between the two.

I bite my bottom lip, trying hard not to cry out in pleasure, not tell him how fucking good it feels. As I struggle to hold  back my moans, my body betrays me again, my hips begin rocking, thrusting against his fingers, trying to get them inside me.

“Give in to it, Love. Tell me what you want.”

His fingers stray to my clit, for just a moment, then back to tormenting me, running along my slit, refusing me penetration.

I push my face down into the pillow, not wanting to speak, knowing if I open my mouth, I’ll give him anything he asks.

More laughs, “You can fight as long as you want, Love. I’ve got hours. Days. Eternity.” I feel him move on the bed and then I feel his breath on my legs, the rough of his cheeks against my ass. He places a kiss on the round of my cheek, licking.

I try to move, squirming my way to get what I want without asking. He won’t give in to me until I do as he asks. His finger stalls at my ass again, playing along my entrance, as he continues to place wet kisses all over my thighs, moving closer to my pussy each time.

I’m breathing heavy and struggling with myself, I whimper, because all I want is for him to be inside me, anywhere and everywhere all at once.

“Tell me,” he says, mouth hovering right over my wet cunt, allowing me to feel his warm breath on me again.

“I need to know you want it.”

“Fuck,” I murmur into the bed, hips involuntarily rocking toward his face, his lips and tongue. “Please.”

“Please what?” he asks innocently, his finger now toying with my pussy, running circles around my opening, patiently waiting for my submission.

“Why? Why make me say it?” I say, tears falling down my cheeks as I lose all control over my body and its desires, shamelessly moving against his teasing.

He pushes one finger into my pussy and I cry out, lifting myself off the bed as much as the ropes will let me, and I feel my orgasm approaching.

But he pulls back out and smacks me with the same hand.

“Tell me!”

I collapse on the bed, heart beating out of control, breath coming fast, completely lost and defeated. Words escape me as my mind can’t focus on anything but finding release. His hand comes down on me again, harder this time. Again, my ass raises into the air, wanting another.  And he gives in, hitting me again and again, until I’m lost in the sensation of my punishment and surrender.

I quiver under his touch as the spanking subsides and his hand glides over my reddened cheeks, soothing the pain. He continues, dropping his hand between my thighs, where I’m soaked, dripping on the bed.

“Love?” he asks.

“Yes,” I reply.

“Tell me.”

I’m tired of fighting him, struggling against my desires.  I need this.  Him.  “I need you to fuck me.  Hard.  I need you to ride me until I can’t stand it.

I need you to make me cum, over and over.”

“That’s my good girl,” he says, as he pushes three fingers into my wet cunt. Instantly, I began spasming. He lowers his mouth, and finally his tongue makes contact with my clit, lapping at me, sucking it into his mouth. I cum again and again, fluids spilling out of me, onto his hands and into his mouth. As he continues to lick my pussy, he removes his fingers from my quivering orifice and rubs my own juices into my ass, then pushes one finger deep inside.

I cry out, seeing white light. “Please, I need you inside me, filling me.  Please,” I say, tears streaming from my eyes.

I hear him growl as he moves to his knees on the bed, pulling my hips into him, thrusting his cock into my waiting pussy. He fucks me hard, pounding into my cunt, as it spasms around his hardness, seemingly never-ending.  His hand runs up my back, to my shoulders, then around my collarbone, settling by gripping my throat. Not hard, but ever-present. I raise my head back as far as the ropes allow, as the pressure around my neck increases.

“Fuck,” I whisper, between the panting of my breath.

“You feel so good.”

His hand tightens even more as his thrusting speed ups, causing me to climax again, soaking the sheets beneath me.

“Baby,” he says, “one more time. With me. I want you to cum with me.”

Hearing his endearing words sends me over the edge again, and I cry out, restrained hands gripping the ropes encasing them, my pussy clamping around him. As the waves subside, I feel his cock spasm, then the warmth of his seed spilling into me.

He drops his hands to the bed, one on each side of me, as his rhythm slows. I can feel his breath on the back of my neck, then feel his lips as he places kisses along my back. “Love?” he asks.

“Yes?” I respond.

“You’re amazing.”

I lay my head down, arms still stretched above me, and smile. Content.

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