I wrote this awhile ago for a submission call, but never sent it in. I left the first few thousand words off, as it’s all back story. The plot for the porn, if you will.

Without further ado,

The Hero: An Erotic Story

He’s going to kiss me, I think and a flashback from our first and only date runs through my head, standing at this same door, looking into these same dark eyes, thinking these same thoughts. Only that time Rob walked away, looking sheepish, not knowing if he should, and deciding not to push his luck. Instead of a good night kiss, I got a hand squeeze and an “I had a great time.”

I’m not going to let that happen again, I think as I reach up and wrap my hand around Rob’s neck, pulling his mouth down to me. His lips are soft against mine, hesitant. My fingers thread through the hair at the nape of his neck and I pull him closer, encouraging him as much as I can.

A growl escapes his lips

And Rob wraps his arms around me, pulling my body hard against him. He deepens the kiss, his tongue reaching out to explore my mouth, and when his tongue touches mine, my body meets his, rubbing ever-so-slightly against him. Rob pulls back, blue eyes storming as they look down at me. I whimper, my lips already missing the heat from his mouth.

“Come inside with me,” I say, not demanding, but not asking either.

He nods in agreement, eyes again on me, making me squirm under his heavy gaze. My cheeks flush and I find myself fumbling around in my purse, looking for my keys. Finding them, I now feel shy, and avert his eyes as I move to unlock the door. Before the key is in place, I feel Rob’s breath on my neck, warm against my skin, the smell of coffee lingering as he moves to stand behind me, one arm on each side of my body.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispers into my ear.

Goose bumps spread across my skin. I lean back against him and his lips fall to my neck. He takes the keys, which have stilled in front of me, and unlocks the door. I step inside and turn to face him, in time to see Rob pull the door shut behind him and twist the lock.

As soon as he looks up, I feel desire radiating from him and its intensity overwhelms me. I move into him, not waiting, fearful my courage will fail me. Rob pulls me toward him and we meet with open mouths, a mash of teeth and tongues. My arm reaches around his neck as he slides one hand up my back, wrapping around me, holding me close, while the other trails down my back, settling on my hip, pulling me tighter against his body.

I moan and step closer, brushing my nipples against the hardness of his chest. Rob takes advantage of my movement, and the hand on my hip moves across my lower back, down over my ass, pulling my hips into him, hard, allowing me to feel his erection. “Fuck,” escapes my lips and I move against him again, rubbing my body against his hardness.

Rob presses against me and before I know it,

I’m backed into the wall.

An instant later, I’m in the air, back pressed against the wall with both Rob’s hands on my ass, holding me suspended. My arms and legs wrap him and I plunge my tongue back into his mouth. From this position, his erection presses against my clit, and I begin to rock against him. It only takes a moment before my body clenches and my orgasm rocks through me. I break my lips from Rob’s, burying my face against his neck, as the waves of pleasure wash over me.

As my breathing regulates, I feel his lips in my hair. My body slides down his as he lowers me to the floor. He takes my hand, presses his lips hard against mine and his voice is husky when he asks, “Where is your bedroom?” I point down the hall, past the living room and look up at him. He begins to move, pulling me behind him towards my room.

When we reach the bedroom, he turns towards me, again pulling me against his chest and my nipples peek from the friction of our bodies. “Damn, Caitlyn,” he pants into my ear, “watching you cum like that… It was the sexiest thing I think I’ve ever seen.”

His teeth clamp onto my earlobe, causing me to shiver underneath him. “I’ve never seen anyone cum like that before,” his fingers trail down the V of my blouse and move beneath the fabric, running along the swell of my breast.

I swallow, not 100 percent comfortable with my own quick response to him. My panties are soaked and I’d venture to guess that even my jeans are damp.

Now or never, Caitlyn.

“I can cum a lot of ways,” I purr, pushing past Rob, my fingers working the buttons of my blouse. I’m across the room by the time the last button is undone and I’ve positioned myself in front of my vanity mirror. I look at my reflection, my hair in disarray, cheeks flushed, lips swollen. My white shirt is now completely open, falling to both sides of my breasts, exposing my pink lace bra.

The woman in the mirror looks so wanton, so aroused; I wouldn’t recognize her as myself. My hands fall to the waist of my jeans and I meet Rob’s eyes in the mirror. I can see the rise and fall of his chest with each breath while he watches me, waiting. My fingers deftly undo my jeans, pulling the zipper open, displaying more pink lace, all the while my eyes never break from his.

Grabbing my vanity chair, I move it to the middle of the room. “Sit,” I order, not loud and not mean, but authoritative none the less. A smile breaks across Rob’s face and he moves across the room. “And take your shirt off while you’re at it,” I add, throwing him a smile through the mirror.

Rob’s eyes follow me as I move around the room.

I stop in front of him, facing the mirror, and watch him watch me. With both thumbs hooked in the band of my jeans, my hips begin to move in small circles as I push down my pants, bending at the waist to display my lace covered ass to him, before stepping out of them.

My hands trail up the back of each leg as I move to stand and I notice Rob has taken the liberty of unsnapping his jeans, releasing the pressure on his erection. I watch him through the mirror and at the sight of his cock through the black fabric of his boxer-briefs, my lips part, tongue darting between them.

“Take it out,” I say, my voice leaving room for no argument.


“Shh…” I interrupt, turning towards him. “I want to see your cock.”

Swaying towards him, I drop between his knees and my eyes fall to his bulge. Putting both hands on the waist of his pants, I tug until he lifts his hips, then slide them past his knees. My cheek finds the warm skin of his thigh and settles there while I run a hand up his calf, until it’s laying on his upper leg. Rob’s hand goes to my hair, fingers running through it, caressing my scalp. I try to still my pounding heart before I sit up and lean back on my heels.

“Your cock,” I swallow. “Now,” I nod at his member straining for release and admire its thickness.

His chest rises with a deep breath and Rob pulls his briefs down enough to expose his cock. Gripping it, he strokes it up and down, perfectly at my eye level. I lick my lips and watch him handle his cock, his fingers gliding across the smooth skin and it makes my mouth water.

I move between Rob’s legs and wrap my hard around his, feeling his rhythm. He continues his pace then slows and withdraws his hand, placing his on top of mine, guiding me a moment, while he looks at me, studying my face. My eyes are glued to the vision in front of me,

Mesmerized by my hand on his cock.

When he lets go of my hand, my head lowers, tongue encircling the ripe head of his cock before the whole of my mouth closes around him. Swallowing as much as I can on the first gulp, my lips reach only half way down his shaft, spread wide around his thickness.

Up and down, two, three times, and his cock is wet with my saliva. My tongue runs up the underside with every motion of my head. I pull my mouth up, off his cock, and let my tongue swirl around the rim of his head before swallowing it again.

My lips press against the base of his cock and the length gags me, but I stay there, impaled by him, aroused by the size of him, the stretch of my mouth wrapped around his shaft, the salty, musky smell which surrounds me, my lips pressed against his trimmed pubic hair. A groan escapes Rob’s lips as I move back up his cock, my mouth followed by my hand, only to drop all the way to the base again. His hand manages its way into my hair, gripping a handful, attempting to slow my rhythm.

“Caitlyn,” his voice sounds strained.

“Caitlyn, you need to slow down.”

“Uh-uh,” I mumble, ignoring his request, my mouth still filled with his cock, and I begin to work faster, my head bobbing up and down his shaft. My hand sneaks into his briefs teasing his balls and the hand in my hair tightens, pulling my mouth away from him. My lips are swollen and glistening with spit as I look into his eyes and see the desire rage across his features.

Rob’s head bends to mine and he uses my hair to guide my mouth to his. He thrusts his tongue deep between my lips, and he reaches out, touching my breasts through the lace of my bra. He releases my hair and grabs me by the hips, pulling up and onto his lap.

With my lips still pressed to his, I settle there, legs straddled across his, my pussy pushed against his hardness. Rob’s hand is in my hair, controlling the kiss, deepening it as I begin to grind against him,

The thin barrier of my lace panties the only thing between us.

Breaking the kiss, Rob’s hands move towards my breasts and he pulls the cups of my bra down, allowing my breasts to break free from their restraints, nipples hard and aching to be touched. He dips his head and as his fingers pinch one peak, his lips wrap around the other, sucking it deep into his mouth.

I moan and push against him, my hands now in his hair, forcing him to take my nipple deeper into his mouth as I continue to grind against his cock. His fingers pull and pinch, stretching my skin, and I can’t hold back any longer, pressing down hard against his cock, I’m cumming, calling out his name.

Rob’s oral assault slows with my thrusting and he allows his teeth to graze against the sensitive flesh of my nipple as my movement halts. He lifts his head from my breast and his hand moves to the back of neck, lowering my head to kiss him again.

“On the bed. Now,” he demands, our roles suddenly switching. I stand up and my hand drops to his cock, hard and throbbing for release. I wrap my hand around him but he bats it away.

“On your hands and knees.”

He stands, pulling a condom from his wallet before he drops his jeans and boxer briefs to the floor. I crawl onto the bed and look back, watching him remove the condom from its foil package.

“Let me,” I say and reach for his cock and the rubber. He hands it over and before I slip it on, I wrap my mouth around him one more time, taking him all the way to the base before slowly pulling my lips off him. I stroke him as I prepare the condom, then roll it over his erection.

“Turn around,” he commands and I obey, eager to be filled with him. Rob moves behind me, one hand running over the length of my ass while the other pumps his cock. I drop my head to the bed and feel his fingers move my panties to the side, his fingers exploring my folds, covering them in my own cum.

“Fuck, Cait, your pussy is so wet.”

His voice is low, filled with desire, and he pushes two fingers into me. My cunt clamps around him, ready to be filled. In and out he slides them, before adding a third finger. “So tight,” he says and I feel him bend down, his tongue running along the length of my slit, up to my clit, which he draws into his mouth, sucking it gently into his lips.

“Rob, please.” I’m panting with want. “Fuck me,” I beg, but he lingers, his mouth now sucking harder on my bud and he again thrusts three fingers into my dripping cunt, pushing me over the edge, making my juices spill over us, soaking my panties and his hand. While spasms are still running through my body, he stands and plunges his cock into my dripping cunt.

Even though I’m wet and ready, his girth slows his entry, allowing only half his cock into my pussy. He pulls out, leaving just the head enveloped between my lips. He thrusts again and more of his cock fills my cunt. I groan, filled and stretched, but wanting so much more.

Rob bends down around me, his arm reaching underneath me, moving my panties and he begins to press circles on my clit. “Cait, I can’t hold back. I need buried in you.” His voice catches. “Now.” I mumble my approval and with his fingers on my clit, I’m cumming with his next thrust, pulling him all the way into my cunt. I feel him still inside me as my muscles grip and pull on his cock, and he’s throbbing

His cock begging for release.

He lays his head on my shoulder, struggling to gain control as my orgasm subsides. Slowly Rob sits up, moving his hands to my hips and starts to fuck my pussy, slow at first, allowing me to feel every inch of his cock. But the intensity builds and soon the whole bed is shaking, my hands gripped into the comforter as I try to hold back my own orgasm so that I can cum with him.

“Rob, please. Please cum. I need you to cum.” I beg, withering beneath him.

Rob bends down again, his chest against my back as his fingers expertly find my clit as he continues to pound into me. “Yes,” he moans, his lips against my neck.

“Can you cum?” he asks, right before his teeth scrape against my skin.

“Um-huh,” I respond, unable to find words as he presses hard, almost squeezing my clit, his fingers slick with my cum.

“Good,” he growls.

His thrusts increase, his cock hitting deep inside me. His fingers clamp down, pinching my bud, and I explode, cumming so hard that I’m squirting all around his cock and fingers as he continues to drive into me. “Fuck,” he groans, and bites my sensitive flesh, the last of his thrusting slowing down.

One, two, three more and he stills, laying his chest against my back, still holding the majority of his weight on his elbows. He stays there only a moment, and then there are soft kisses across my shoulders as he withdraws from my pussy, rolling over next to me on the bed.

We lay there, staring at the ceiling and I feel Rob’s fingers thread through my own. He gives me a squeeze. My head rolls to the side and my eyes fall to his face and I watch his dimples deepen as he smiles, “Maybe I should rescue you more often.”

Laughter bubbles out of me and Rob rolls towards me, pulling me against his chest as his lips fall to mine. He pulls my back against him and wraps himself around me, his body spooning my own. Nuzzling my neck, he asks, “Mind if I spend the night?” and I answer with the thrust of my hips, rubbing my ass against his cock in conformation.

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