Jen heard the bartender call last call at the same moment she realized she’d drank just a little too much and the room was starting to tilt. “Fuck,” she murmured, hoping the spinning wouldn’t start before she got home safe.

She decided to forgo a final drink and instead ordered a water, a desperate attempt to try and sober up before she had to call for an Uber. She sat in a corner booth next to the dance floor and watched as the DJ played the final numbers of the night. Jen loved to watch people dance, their bodies moving together as one, joined by some primal instinct and tonight was no different.

Her eyes fell to a couple that looked to be in their mid 30s.

He was tall and blonde and she was curvy with long, dark hair. They danced with an intimate knowing of each another’s body, hands moving without thinking about where they were touching or hesitant about where they should go next.

Jen watched as the woman turned around and pressed her back to her partner. She saw his hands grab onto her hips and pull her against him, her ass tight against his groin. The vision made Jen moan to herself and she wondered if his cock was hard, if the woman could feel it pressed against her cheeks.

Jen shifted in her seat, her panties starting to dampen. “Damn,” she thought.

“I must be drunker than I thought.”

She looked around her and realized she was the only one left sitting in her area. Her dark area. Alone in a dark area in the bar, where no one could see what she was doing. She gushed at the dirty thoughts that popped in her head.

She continued to watch the couple on the dance floor. The woman’s ass grinding against her partner while she moved up and down his body. Jen shifted so her legs were under the table, and pressed her hand against her pussy, still covered in jeans.

She clenched. I can’t believe I’m doing this! But when she looked back up at her couple, she saw that the woman leaned back against him, her eyes now closed, while he kissed up and down her neck, his hands roaming her upper body.

Jen’s nipples tightened

And she unsnapped her jeans, glancing around to make sure no one was watching. She slipped her fingers underneath her panties and sighed when she felt how wet her pussy was. Her eyes closed for a moment while her fingers ran up and down her slit.

Jen looked back to her couple and was pleased to see they, too, seem to be oblivious to their audience. The woman was still leaning against him, but his hands were now on her breasts, massaging and, in the dark bar, it looked a though he was gently pulling on her nipples, now hard beneath her shirt. Jen watched as the woman thrust back against him and she knew without a doubt that the man’s cock was hard.

She dipped a finger between her lips, covering it in sticky wetness before she moved it up to circle her clit, now hard and throbbing, wanting attention. She looked back at her couple, still moving together, and watched as one of his hands slipped down between the woman’s legs as the other still played at her breasts. Jen moved her fingers faster, circling and pressing and rubbing as hard as she could while she watched them.

She could feel her muscles starting to clench and knew she was going to cum. She hesitated, remembering where she was and what she was doing and that she should not be doing this here. Although her clit was throbbing and she needed to cum, she started to pull her hand back out of her panties, scared at the consequences if she got caught.

She glanced at her couple one last time and

The man’s eyes met hers.

She blushed, hard, and tried to turn away, but he nodded at her, like he knew what she was doing. Letting out her breath, she looked back at him. She watched as he continued to touch his partner on the floor, and again, he nodded at her, like he was encouraging her to continue.

“Fuck it,” she thought, her fingers reaching back into her panties. Her pussy was even wetter than before and her muscles were tight. She rubbed herself, more excited knowing that he was watching her watch them.

His hand gripped harder between the woman’s legs, and Jen watched as her as her breath caught and Jen imagined how good it felt, to feel him behind her with his hands manipulating her body. He pinched the woman’s nipple one last time and that pushed Jen over the edge, her teeth biting into her bottom lip to stop her from calling out as her orgasm coursed through her system.

She rocked against her fingers, once, twice, three times before the waves started to slow.

She look at him one last time before pulling her hand from her pants and buttoning her jeans. As she stood up to leave, the lights flipped on in the dance floor, signifying the closing of the bar. Jen was grateful of the timing and slipped out the back door unnoticed, not wanting to deal with the embarrassment of seeing the couple in the light.

She unlocked her car and slipped behind the wheel. As she was logging into her Uber app, getting ready to get a ride, a tap on her window caused her to jump. Unable to see due to the dark, Jen rolled her window down and was dumbfounded to see his face there.

“Hi,” he said, his voice deep and husky. “I’m Mike. My wife’s Kim,” he nodded over his shoulder where the woman was leaning against the truck beside Jen’s car. “We just wanted to know if you were interested in coming back to our place for a night cap…”

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