Carrie knew she was starting to get drunk, not because the room was spinning, but by the conversation she and Beth were having. Carrie never shared much about her and Mike’s sex life, but tonight, on the third bottle of wine between the two of them, she was talking more than ever.

Beth had always been open and upfront about everything in her life, often times to a fault. Carrie knew her friend’s bra size, how much money she made, and how many days a week she and her boyfriend had sex. Beth had always known Carrie was more reserved and never once in their 15 years of friendship pushed for details Carrie didn’t freely share.

But half way through the third bottle of wine, the conversation turned to sex and because she was starting to get tipsy, Carrie never even thought twice about taking part in it.

It started out innocently enough. Beth was complaining about some new medication her man was taking and how it was killing his libido. “It’s like I have to beg him to fuck me twice a week. Twice a week! Whoever heard of such a thing?” Beth said, sipping wine from her glass.

“Twice a week’s not too bad,” Carrie replied.

“Hell, Mike’d be ecstatic if we had sex that much.”

Beth stopped with her glass halfway to her mouth. “Really? You don’t have sex that often?”

Carrie shook her head no. “It’s not that I don’t like sex,” she said, “it’s just not really my thing.” Her shoulders shrugged indifferently.

“Not your thing?” Beth looked at her as though she’d lost her mind. “Why the hell not?”

Carrie giggled. “I don’t know. I mean I like sex and all, I’m just not that into it.”

Beth stared at Carrie for a long moment before picking up her wine glass and downing the liquid. “Finish up that glass. You’re gong to need more wine to try and get me to understand,” she said, reaching across the table with the bottle of Riesling, waiting for Carrie to empty the glass.

Following Beth’s lead, Carrie swallowed the rest of her wine and set her glass where Beth could reach it. “I don’t get what the big deal is…

Just because I’m not sex crazy like you are, it doesn’t mean anything.”

“Oh, honey,” Beth looked at Carrie with a smile, “Lots of people aren’t sex crazy like me, but still like sex. I didn’t mean anything by it, I just don’t understand when people don’t like to get off.”

“I know. It’s just Mike’s always making a big deal about me never wanting to do it. I get tired of hearing it.” Carrie took a big sip from her now full glass. “I’ve never really been into it, even in my twenties.”

Beth laughed. “Fuck the twenties. The thirties are where it’s at. I’m horny all the time, I’m not afraid to tell a man what I want, and I can cum like a crazy woman.”

“Really?” Carrie asked.

“Yeah. We’re in our sexual prime, Carrie. Don’t you find it easier to get off?”

“Well, no. Not exactly.”

“What do you mean? Mike makes sure you cum when you guys have sex, right?”

“He tries,” Carrie said, embarrassed. “And I suppose he thinks he does most of the time.”

“You’re faking it?” Beth said, her voice becoming animated.

“What the hell am I supposed to do? He just keeps going and going until he thinks I’m done. And I know it’s not going to happen. So, yeah. I fake it. I’m not ashamed.” Carrie said, then took a long drink of wine. “It’s no big deal.”

“It is a big deal,” Beth told her friend. “Why don’t you show him how?”

“Show him how what?”

“Show him what you like. Show him what gets you off. Hell, let him watch you masturbate so he can see how you touch yourself.”

Carrie’s cheeks turned scarlet. “I could never do that.”

Beth laughed. “Why the hell not?”

“Well, for starters, I don’t masturbate.”

“Oh, get off it. Everybody masturbates.”

“I’m not saying I haven’t tried. I have. It’s just it’s never really worked for me.”

“At all?” Beth questioned.


Beth stared at her, head cocked to one side like she was examining something she couldn’t quite understand.

“Do you mean to tell me that you’ve never had an orgasm?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. There was this one guy in college who did this thing with his tongue that felt pretty damn good,” Carrie’s voice trailed off.

“Carrie, maybe is not an answer. If you don’t know it if was an orgasm, then it wasn’t an orgasm. So let me ask you again. Have you ever had an orgasm?”

Carrie shrugged. “I don’t think so.”

Beth stood up and tipped the glass to her lips until it emptied. “Finish your drink,” she said holding out her hand.

Carrie lifted the glass and with three swallows, the wine was gone. “Where are we going?” she asked as she stood up, taking Beth’s hand.

Without looking back, Beth said, “To get you an orgasm,” and she started walking towards her bedroom.

Carrie stopped, her arm reaching forward where it was joined with Beth’s, “What do you mean?”

“Shh,” Beth looked back at her and smiled. “Just come on.”

Carrie followed her into the bedroom and looked around. “Beth,” she stammered, “we can’t do this.”

Beth walked her to the side of the bed, and pushed on her shoulders until Carrie sat down, slightly bouncing on the mattress. “Sure we can. Now just sit there a minute while I find something.”

“Seriously,” Carrie said and started to stand up.

“Sit your ass down and shut up, Carrie,” Beth said, throwing a glance at her friend. “We’re doing this.”

Carrie watched as Beth rummaged around the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. “We’re not really doing this.”

Beth stood up and moved around the room, lighting a few candles and dimming the lights. “You need to figure this out, and if you haven’t done it thus far, apparently you need some help.” She turned and smiled at Carrie.

“After all, that’s what friends are for.”

Beth moved closer to the bed. “Now close your eyes and relax.”

“Beth. Please stop.” Carrie tried to sound like she meant it, but even as the words left her mouth, she was lowering herself to the bed and closing her eyes. Her heart was pounding. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. Was Beth really going to touch her? Would Beth be able to give her an orgasm? The thought excited her more than she wanted to admit.

Carrie felt the bed move as Beth sat down beside her. She felt breath on her neck as Beth whispered, “If you want me to stop, Carrie, at any time, just say ‘Stop.’ I will.”

Carrie swallowed the lump in her throat.

It took everything she had not to jump from the bed and run from the room.

“Let me try this,” Beth continued. “I can do it. And I promise you it will feel fantastic.” Beth’s fingers touched her friend’s collarbone, feather-light touches running across her skin. “Okay?”

Carrie’s eyes stayed shut, but her head nodded up and down.

Beth  smiled and her mouth replaced her fingers on her friend’s skin.

Carrie’s pulse throbbed against Beth’s lips and she knew her friend was beyond nervous. She took a calming breath herself. She didn’t want to move to fast. No. She wanted this to be slow and sensual. Intense enough so when Carrie finally came, she wouldn’t give a fuck who made her do it.

As her lips moved across her friend’s skin, Beth’s fingers moved to the buttons on Carrie’s shirt and, with thumb and pointer finger, unbuttoned it one by one. Her fingers trailed under the fabric, under her bra, and circled around Carrie’s hard nipple. Carrie’s breath caught in pleasure and Beth could feel her own arousal building.

Beth’s mouth moved to replace her fingers on Carrie’s nipple, as her hands pushed the shirt down and off her shoulders.

When Beth took her nipple between her teeth, it felt like an electric jolt ran straight through Carrie’s body. She bit her bottom lip, trying to keep the noises to herself. Carrie was still battling what her body was feeling with knowing Beth was making it feel that way. Carrie loved Beth, she was probably her best friend, but Carrie’d never even thought of another woman this way, let alone Beth.

But it felt so good.

Carrie felt Beth pull at the button on her jeans and held her breath as Beth’s fingers slipped under her panties and brushed against her clit. This time, she couldn’t hold back, and as the moan escaped her mouth, Carrie’s hands found Beth’s head at her nipple and her fingers wrapped into the softness of her dark curls.

Moving slow, Beth’s fingers toyed with Carrie’s clit, circling it softly until it hardened under her touch and Carrie’s body started to move unknowingly against her.

Beth broke her mouth away from Carrie’s breast and pulled Carrie’s jeans from her legs, leaving her black lace panties behind. She crawled back up Carrie’s body, stopping once she straddled Carrie’s thighs, one leg firmly pressed between her friend’s legs. She could feel the warmth radiating from Carrie’s panties and couldn’t help herself from thrusting against her friend. She groaned with delight when Carrie pushed back, grinding herself against Beth’s thigh.

Beth’s fingers moved down Carrie’s body, from her lips, to her neck, to the soft spot between her breasts. By the time her fingertips reached Carrie’s pelvis, Carrie was riding Beth’s thigh, circling her hips around and around, pushing and grinding on her own accord.

Beth’s fingers traced over the line of Carrie’s panties, and as she moved from between Carrie’s legs to lay beside her, her fingers found their way into her friend’s panties. But this time, when Beth pulled Carrie’s panties to the side, she ignored her throbbing clit and, instead, ran her fingers up and down her slit, which was slick with warm wetness.

“You’re so fucking wet,” Beth said, amazed.

Carrie’s didn’t say anything, but let out a gasp as one of Beth’s fingers circled at her opening before pushing into her. Beth dropped down beside her friend, her head falling to Carrie’s shoulder where she could watch her body and responses.

Beth pulled her finger out and circled Carrie’s clit, then pushed two fingers back into Carrie’s pussy.

Beth’s touches were overwhelming. Her touch was soft, but confident and firm, knowing just what to do to draw responses from Carrie’s body. While plenty of men had touched her over the years, she’d never felt anything quite like this. Carrie could feel pressure building below her abdomen, and she felt as though she were panting, unable to catch her breath.

Beth’s fingers moved in and out, keeping rhythm with Carrie’s own movements, and it wasn’t long before she’d added a third finger, stretching Carrie tight and making her thrust harder against her hand.

Watching Carrie’s breath, Beth knew she was close to cumming. Changing the rhythm of her fingers, Beth moved from in and out to thrusting deeper and curling to rub the inside wall of Carrie’s pussy. Rearranging, she bent down and took Carrie’s clit into her mouth as her fingers massaged her friend’s G-spot, which was quickly swelling beneath her touch.

Carrie cried aloud the moment Beth’s lips closed around her and both of Carrie’s hands went to Beth’s head, holding her against her, pushing her clit deeper into Beth’s mouth.

Beth moaned into Carrie’s pussy

And sucked hard, scrapping her teeth against the sensitive bud. Carrie called out to her, panic and pleasure mixed in her voice, causing Beth to push harder against her. She forced her fingers deeper and felt her body arch and hold underneath her.

Beth pushed her fingers deeper into Carrie’s cunt, at the same time she flicked her tongue across the tip of her clit. Those movements pushed Carrie over the edge and Beth could feel her pussy muscles clenching against her fingertips.

A slow and deep moan escaped Carrie’s lips as she rode out her orgasm against Beth’s lips and fingers, grinding and pushing herself further down on her hand as she came.

As her body slowed, Beth felt Carrie’s fingers loosened in her hair, and she slowed her pace, apprehensive to see what Carrie’s response would be to her first orgasm.

Carrie mumbled something, her voice distorted from endorphins and orgasms.

“Hmm?” Beth asked, her mouth still moving against Carrie’s pussy lips, bringing her down slowly.

“Kiss me.”

Beth smiled against her friend’s pussy and crawled up her body. She looked down at Carrie’s face, flushed with sex and smiled. She lowered her lips to Carrie’s, expecting a chaste peck. A thank you kiss.

But as skin touched skin, Carrie’s hand wrapped around Beth’s head and pulled her into her, mouths open and colliding. Carrie’s fingers tightened on Beth’s neck as her tongue plunged into her mouth.

Carrie’s other hand went straight for Beth’s pussy, and gripped her through the thin fabric, already soaked with her juices.

“Thank you,” Carrie breathed against Beth’s lips.

Beth giggled, enjoying the feel of Carrie’s hands on her body. “Any time, my dear.”

“Now I have one more favor to ask,” Carrie said, sliding Beth’s panties to the side so her fingers could feel her pussy’s wetness. “Show me how to do that.”

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