I think quickies tend to get a bad rep, especially in long-term relationships (LTR). After all, nobody fantasizes about a guy that can last three minutes, or an escapade that you can do between the commercials of a UFC fight. But in reality, quickies allows those of us who are no longer dating (and therefore not setting chunks of time aside for one another) to make sure we’re still getting laid.

In a LTR where you both work and/or have children, sometimes it’s ridiculously hard to fit in regular sex. You work day shift, run the kids to activities all evening, and your hubby is working the night shift. It’s hard to fit a 30 minute sex session into this schedule, especially if you’re trying to get it on more than once every few weeks.

Quickies solve this problem.

Stick the kids in the bathtub or put on Sponge Bob, find a place where they won’t hear you moaning and have at it. You’ll be back before they even realize you were gone. Sometimes you want to do it and there’s only ten minutes at home before one of you has to run out the door. Don’t let the time stop you. Bend her over the couch and get it on (always make sure she is wet first and keep lube handy).

One of the great things about quickies is that they’re fast and hard and bring out animalistic sexual instincts. In my personal experience, there’s often a tight grip on my hips, nail scratches down his back, and maybe a fist full of hair.

It’s a different kind of sex, quickies. When we’re in bed, there’s a lot of kissing and foreplay, position switching, love-making. But with a quickie, it’s not romantic, it’s not sweet, it’s not about love.

It’s about getting off.


There are lots of ways to make quickies work for you and your lover. First things first, you need to keep things exciting. Flirt with each other throughout the day. Send sexy texts. Touch each other often, and not just when you’re fucking.

Compliment each other often. Make sure your partner knows you find them sexy. Keep each other aroused as much as possible.

And have good sex regularly.

If these things are all going on, then a random quickie thrown in will be exciting and hot.

And quickies aren’t just for times when your lives are hectic. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you really need to fuck you wife, but unable you’re sort of stuck somewhere. In these times, you need to seize the opportunity.

Once, at a friend’s wedding where my  Hubby was a groomsman, we couldn’t keep out hands off each another. We made an excuse that we needed to go get cigarettes or check in at home or something and we briefly left the wedding reception. We drove about two miles down the road to a dirt lane, making sure we were far enough that we couldn’t be seen from the main road.

He bent me over the hood of the car and fucked me from behind.

Quick and hard.


Once we returned to the reception, we were both excited, just thinking about our dirty little secret. Although this was years ago, I still have vivid memory of the experience.

Other times, you may be overwhelmed with the need to get it on. Maybe you are at a club and it’s dark with sexy bodies everywhere. You’ve been dancing and grinding all night and you’ve just got to fuck her.

Maybe you could find a bathroom, lock the door, and put her up on the sink. If you’ve got a bit of exhibitionist in you, you may even find a dark, back corner of the club where you can just pull up her skirt, slid her panties over, and slid in.

Anyone around would think that you are just dirty dancing. I’m not actually encouraging anyone to do this, I’m just saying it’s a possibility for a quickie. If you get arrested, don’t call me.

The point is, although quickies get a bad rep, they’re not necessarily bad for your sex life. They’re hot and exciting. They give you the opportunity to fuck when you don’t have an hour to set aside for one another or when you’re stuck at your Great Uncle Al’s for Thanksgiving dinner.

And they can give you opportunities to have sex in places you never thought possible.

Here’s a quick run down to help make your quickies unforgettable:

  • Use lube, you don’t necessarily have time to get her wet, so add a bit of help
  • If you think a quickie is a possibility, dress accordingly; stretchy panties and skirts make quickies easiest
  • Keep as much of your clothes on as possible; that way if you come close to getting busted, you can separate quickly and not be standing around naked
  • Take matters into your hands to ensure you get off without putting all the pressure on your partner
  • Don’t get too brave, if your lover is too fearful of getting busted, they may not let go and enjoy the experience
  • Make sure she cums first, no matter what; if quickies only focus on the man’s pleasure next time she’ll probably say no, so lick her, touch her, do what you need to do to get her off
  • Touch each other, everywhere; engage as much of the senses as you can

Do you have quickie tips to share? Put them in the comments!

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Dave · at

When in highschool my girlfriend suggested sex under the auditorium stage. We skipped underneath and did it with a play going on. It was really good and so 🔥 hot!

    Molly · at

    That sounds like an awesome experience, Dave! I never had sex at school. But I did once give a blowjob in a gym locker room. It was not really good and not so hot. haha.

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