This week’s reader question about having the vagina sucked is actually a question Quora shut down. Fuckers. So if it sounds familiar, and you follow me over there, there’s a chance you’ve already seen this.

So… This is a tricky question. See, you can’t really suck a woman’s vagina, because the vagina is not her “pussy” but her birth canal.

Sucking on her hole isn’t going to do much for her.

Instead, I’m going to assume that by “vagina,” you mean “vulva.” The vulva is all of the external female genitalia, so it includes most of the girlie parts.

Now that we have the vocabulary lesson out of the way, let’s talk about having the “vagina sucked.”

I dated the same guy throughout high school and most of college. We started going out halfway through my Freshman year. I was his first. And that first time, he went down on me.

And about 30 seconds in, he drew my clit between his lips and swirled his tongue around it. Just as I was thrusting into his mouth, he started sucking.

Like he was trying to get a golf ball through a god damn garden hose.

vagina sucked

Image by Victoria from Pixabay

And it was fucking horrible. It wasn’t just uncomfortable, it hurt. And not in a good way.

So, first lesson, understand that when you’re dealing with lady parts, you’re not syphoning the gas tank, you’re massaging genitalia with your tongue and mouth. Be gentle and easy, at least to start. Follow her reactions and proceed accordingly.

With what NOT to do out of the way, let’s talk about what TO do.

So let’s start at the top.

A woman’s clitoris is much bigger than it looks and is made of the same tissue as the penis. What’s the mean? It means that the clitoris is made of erectile tissue and responds in a similar manner as the penis: when aroused, it swells.

Not only does it respond like a penis, but it also enjoys much of the same things that penises do. By that I mean that it enjoys a good suckle.

Not a vacuum cleaner suckle.

But a nice, gentle, steady suck.

In between warm, wet lips.

With maybe a little, random tongue flick across the tip every now and then.


I think both men and women can imagine what I’m talking about here, but I’m going to try my best to describe it. It’s pleasurable, no doubt. It’s encompassing and warm and wet and oh so good.

While the sucking may make the clit get bigger, it makes my lower vulva feel like it’s contracting. Like it’s drawing in closer to my body. My pussy (or actual vagina if we want to be specific) clenches, again, drawing in on itself, like it’s trying to pull something — anything — inside.

As the sucking continues, these feelings grow. Sometimes I can almost feel all the sensations growing, building upon themselves, reaching higher. My hand grips into His hair and holds His head where I want it. I move just a little bit, this way and that, to get Him just where I need Him.

Those feelings they continue to grow, climbing the mountain to the very peak. And, as if in a movie, sometimes I can literally see fireworks when I hit that crest.

vagina sucked

Me with my golden clitoris (don’t mind the dog hair).

But the vulva is much more than just the clitoris and it all likes to be stimulated. Personally, I enjoy a gentle suck on my outer lips. Not rough. Not strong. Just gentle. And it won’t get me off, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t feel amazing AF.

If you notice those two hanging things that look somewhat like testicles, those are called the bulbs of vestibule. They also swell when aroused, making those lower lips look plump and delicious.

And, like testicles, they can enjoy a gentle massage through the skin. Or, as I’ve already mentioned, a nice, gentle suckle.

How does if feel? Kind of like a slow walk where the ocean meets the sand. It’s pleasurable. It actually feels pretty damn good. And although it’s probably taking you nowhere, you’re still willing to do it all day long.

girl walking on beach

Photo by Nadia Jamnik on Unsplash

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