It might sound odd, but sometimes reviewing sex toys feels like a chore. Throughout my years as a sex blogger, I’ve gone back and forth with reviews, constantly writing them, and then not doing it for months and months, sometimes years on end.

I’ve recently started reviewing again for Cal Exotics and when the Impress Petite Dove arrived, it sadly got set aside. I attempted to use it one night during sex, but after a few minutes, it ended up getting tossed aside and forgotten about.

This morning, the Hubby and I had a nice day romp in the living room, but by early evening, he was at work and I was horny. I locked my office door, and went to grab my Vibra King.

When I opened up the toy drawer, the little Petite Dove was laying there, staring back at me. Being that my review was already days late, I figured it was time to do the dirty.


The Impress Petite Dove is a USB rechargeable vibrator with dual motors. It’s made from 100 percent silicone, waterproof, and submersible.

Sitting back in my chair, I ran the Dove up and down my body, playing with the vibrations.

The vibrator has three push buttons: Power, Functions, and Lock. It has 12 different settings, ranging from steady vibrations, to pulsations, to escalation, and you switch between the functions with a single push.

When you find a setting you like, squeeze the bulb at the bottom of the vibrator to increase the speed and intensity. When it’s just right, use the lock function and it will stay just like that.


Because I’m so used to the mega vibrations of the Wand and the King, the vibrations were strong, but not strong enough to get me off. I was already starting to get wet, so I slipped the pretty little Dove between my lips, and started to manipulate it where I wanted it to be.

The Petite Dove is petite. The shaft is 4.25 inches by 1.5 inches and the attached clit stimulator is 1.25  inches by .75 inches.

It felt good, but after a few more minutes, I knew it wasn’t going to take me there. But the review still needed to be done, and I still needed to get off. I reached for the King and flipped the switch, bringing it down to my clit.

Holy. Shit.

With the vibrations of the Dove and the King, I was in heaven. They worked together and in just a few moments, I could feel an orgasm building within me. Working both toys, I rode it out as long as I could, and when I peaked, I left a puddle beneath me.

Overall, it’s a really nice toy. It’s made of quality silicone, and the functions work smoothly and effectively. But it’s just too small for me. I’m not necessarily a size queen, but I’m used to a rather thick cock, so this wasn’t quite enough. The vibrations probably could have got me off if I’d have devoted 30 minutes and a lot of imagination, but again, my clit’s used to some pretty strong vibrations.


The Impress Petite Dove charges with a USB, which plugs into the middle of the bottom of the massager. There’s a slight hole in the silicone, which is barely visible, and helps keep the charging area clean. 

And here’s a few more details about the Dove:

  • 5.7 ounces
  • Seamless, flexible shaft
  • Full charge in 2 hours
  • Full charge lasts one hour on high, 90 minutes on low

All sex toys should be cleaned after use, and because the Dove is made from 100 percent silicone, it can easily be washed with soap and water. 

Do not use silicone based lubrication with a silicone toy. It will eat away at the material and ruin your vibrator!

UPDATE: I wrote this blog post in 2015 for another blog. Also, Cal Exotic no longer offers the Petite Dove, but still makes the Impress line. This vibrator is extremely similar.

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