Welcome to the first of Molly’s Keeping It Real. Where I talk about things that people don’t want to hear about the less sexy side of sex. The things that give us some discomfort.

And today we’re discussing the discomfort it causes *some* men to not even talk about, but to simply acknowledge the extent of the harassment and assault and violence that happens to women.

I get it makes you uncomfortable. It should.

But your lack of gumption to accept the fact as fact, to simply say it’s not true, or, just as bad, to look away and pretend it doesn’t exist. Yeah. That’s why it’s still a fucking issue.

Listen. Learn. And then listen some more.

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And, men, please don’t think this is meant to be an attack. It’s not. But it’s a frustrating experience, trying to explain these things to men. Some of who will tell you that you experienced it wrong. Or jumped to conclusions. Or whatever.

Or my 6’4″ Husband, who weighs 235 pounds, telling me that He’s been scared walking down the street, too.

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

I’m not saying men don’t get harassed. I’m not saying men don’t get assaulted. Or raped.

What I’m saying is that when I was 22 years old, sitting in a college class, and we were all asked to imagine what life was like as the other sex, over 50% of the women in the classroom, most of them barely old enough to hold that title, mentioned not being afraid of walking down the street. Or across campus. Or down town. The older they were, the more likely they were to mention it.

Not one male said anything about fear in their answer. Because men aren’t typically afraid half of a fucking gender. One guy was even naïve enough to ask what one female student meant: “Why would you be afraid to walk across campus after hours?”

Not one of then came close to even realizing that this was a thing.

But it is.

And until we ALL come to realize it. And sit in the discomfort it causes us enough that we can talk about it openly and honestly, then it will continue to happen.



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