Put a few sexy gifts under the tree to keep things exciting this Christmas season.

It’s just a few days until Christmas. And hopefully, you’ve got eggnog in the fridge, presents ready to be wrapped, and holiday cheer coming out your ass.

The fact is, the Christmas season is stressful AF. Add COVID into the mix and suddenly you may have a holiday like you’ve never experienced. You’re functioning on the verge of a panic attack.

Instead of focusing on what’s missing, I’d like to see you focus on bringing a little more pleasure to the holiday season, especially to your relationship.

That’s why I’ve put together a quick list of last minute gifts you can give your lover to add a little spice between the sheets. And most of them, you can even open in front of the kids or your folks.

Molly, in one of her Christmas outfits.

Molly’s List of Sexy Gifts for Christmas

  1. HONEY: Honey is not only delicious and great for your immune system (buy local!), but it can be a great add to your sex life. Honey is all natural and works fantastic to drip across your man’s chest or even between your lover’s legs. I wouldn’t use it as lube, but as long as you’re keeping it outside the body, I’d put it anywhere I like my lover to lick.
  2. ROPE: While the kids may think you’re just stocking up the garage, wrapping a little bit of rope and putting it under the Christmas tree may be just the nudge your partner needs to dive into some bondage play.
  3. TOWEL: For some of us, towels are a regular prop in our lovemaking. And a new, soft, lush towel would be a perfect gift for the squirting woman in your life.
  4. FEATHER BOA: Try your hand at some sensation play with a feather boa. It can feel amazing when grazed against the body or over the erogenous zones. To make it even better, you can often find these super cheap at the Dollar Store. Check out the children’s dress up section.
  5. PANTIES: When in doubt, opt for some sexy panties. When you want to go above and beyond, join a subscription club. Personally, I use Knotty Knickers, which won me over with their body positivity advertising. And that’s not even an affiliate link.
  6. SEX COUPONS: Last, but definitely not least, is good, old fashioned sex coupons. Sure, you can buy these, but you can also make them. Add things like “Oral sex to finish” or “Erotic massage” or “I’ll do all the effort.” If you’re feeling REALLY giving, consider adding things like “Wash the windows” or “Detail the car.”

The whole point, really, is that you can make Christmas sexy without going over the top. You don’t have to buy a vibrator (but if you want to, check out this shopping guide) to let her know that you want to give her pleasure. Hell, you don’t even need to spend a lot of money.

You just need a little effort and a bit of play!


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