Today’s YouTube video is all about why it’s important to schedule sex, especially when you’re trying to have more sex.

You know the drill. If you prefer to read instead of watch, then look below (but if you wanna do a lady a favor, head on over to YouTube and subscribe to my channel anyway)!

Now back to why you need to schedule sex.

I don’t know why scheduled sex gets a bad reputation. Likely because so many of y’all think sex is supposed to be spontaneous or something. I’m not sure why that is or how that belief came to be so popular, because in reality, when we rely on spontaneous sex, we have way less sex.

Because spontaneous sex means we’re not planning on having sex. It means we’re not ready. And, likely, we’re not in the mood for sex.

Take me for example. I’m a mom of three sporty kids. I have a full-time job and a side gig. I have house pets and farm animals. An elderly grandmother I help and two special needs neighbors. I’m on multiple boards and volunteer in my community.

I ain’t got time for spontaneous anything.

And here’s what that looks like.

Monday, no sex on the schedule, but my Hubby wants some. So He hits on me at bedtime. And, damn, I’m tired. I’ve still got a blog post to get out and a deadline hanging over my head. I haven’t showered and I’m still in my workout clothes. Sorry, babe. It’s not happening tonight.

But then on Tuesday, I’m horney. Hubby gets home from work and I’m all over Him. He had a really long day and hurt His back while shoeing horses. Sorry, Moll. I’m not up for it tonight.

On Wednesday, we’re both up for it. Excited about it. But then the middle child spikes a fever and ends up sleeping between us in bed. That means no sex for us.

You get the picture.

When we don’t schedule sex, we don’t have much sex.

But when do schedule sex, when it’s in our planner and we know it’s coming, then we’re ready. Then I know I need to get my work done because I’ve got to bounce on His cock later in the day. I’m showered, shaved, and wearing something cute when the time comes around.

Knowing that we’re getting it on later, I’ve been flirting with Him all day. I’ve been thinking about the sex we’re going to have, already starting my arousal process.

And guess what? When we schedule sex, it’s more likely to happen. Or, at a minimum, get rescheduled to happen when something does come up.

So stop relying on spontaneity for sex.

Because, sure, spontaneous sex can be fun. But so can scheduled sex!

And spontaneous sex tends to be rushed. Quick. Uncomfortable because you’re doing in the backseat of car or in the laundry room or some shit because you’ve only got 15 minutes while the kids are on a bike ride.

So put some sex on the calendar. Once a week, at least. I’d like to see twice, but I’ll settle for once. Get it on the calendar and start having more sex this week!

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