An Erotica Story: The Struggle


It's dark. My senses heightened. I pull at my wrists, but it's no use, the ropes are secure. They don't budge. Still, I fight, thrashing against the bed. But for only a moment, as he was waiting for this, and he reaches out, smoothing my hair back from my face, damp with

Married Vs. Single Life: The Differences

I find it interesting that I am sitting here , writing about being married vs. single. I've never been single. Sure, I've had a few weeks here, a few weeks there, but overall, never been single. I was always the girl who found herself in a relationship, even when I was

Prostate Play: Your Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide to prostate play and your man's pleasure center. Before we get started, I need to let you know a few things. If you are reading about prostate play, I'm going to assume a few things about you.  That you're relatively sexually experienced.  That you enjoy sex,  are comfortable

A Threesome Story


An erotic threesome story, showing what sex can be like when you share the things you love.

The Hero: An Erotica Story

erotic story

I wrote this awhile ago for a submission call, but never sent it in. I left the first few thousand words off, as it's all back story. The plot for the porn, if you will. Without further ado, The Hero: An Erotic Story He’s going to kiss me, I think and a flashback

Your Guide to Nipple Torture

nipple torture

A decade ago, nipple torture is something I never would have considered engaging in. I didn't see its appeal and it didn't sound sexy at all. But, after opening up to the idea, I've realized opinions can change and, sometimes, things we never thought we'd like can turn us on