There could be a lot of reasons your boyfriend doesn’t go down on you. Maybe he’s not feeling it tonight. Maybe he doesn’t know how and he’s self-conscious and he doesn’t want to disappoint you.

Or maybe you have bad hygiene and your pussy smells like tuna. No, that’s not what it’s supposed to smell like. Take a little soap and water to it and try again.

But most likely, he’s tired.

Or he’s resentful because you haven’t sucked his dick in ages. Girl, you should give like you wanna get.

Or maybe last time you laid there like a dead fish and he thought you didn’t like it so he’s to embarrassed to try again. If it feels good, woman, let the man know he’s doing it right, for goodness sakes! He can’t read your mind.

Or maybe he’s a douche and thinks it’s gross.

It’s not. It’s actually fabulous and you should leave anyone who isn’t willing to give you a little oral when you need it.

Or maybe you’re in orgasm training and going through a period of denial and he knows as soon as his lips touch yours, you’ll create a puddle beneath you. Fist bump!!

So instead of speculating why he’s not going down on you, why don’t you be upfront and ask him: Hey babe, why don’t you go down on me? Don’t you enjoy eating at the Y? Munching the carpet? Kissin’ the kitty?

And then you’ll know exactly what’s going on and you can either A) Go take a shower, B) Walk him through your pleasure zones, or C) Start your new Tinder profile.

Hope this was helpful!


PS: If you need to be a little more comfortable during oral sex, check out this post where I explain exactly why you should let go and enjoy the oral sex experience: 69ing: How to Become More Comfortable.

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