Oh. The Orgasm Gap. The phenomenon that occurs in heterosexual relationships where men reach orgasm significantly more than their female partners. Here’s my advice on the orgasm gap for men!

Check out my video to learn the reasons the orgasm gap exists and one of my solutions to fixing it: Making sure she gets off before you fuck her. Actually, it’s best to make sure she cums a few times before you put your dick inside her. Watch now to find out the details.

Not into YouTube and prefer to read?

Here are basics of the orgasm gap for men!

Research shows us that in heterosexual relationships, men orgasm between 20-52% more than their female partners. But when we look at lesbian couples, this same gap doesn’t appear. As a matter of fact, both women tend to get off between 85-95% of the time, the same percentage that heterosexual men reach orgasm.

So obviously this isn’t a woman problem, but a woman-man problem.

And when we look at the facts about orgasms, it’s not hard to see why it exists.

  • Men reach orgasm in about 5-7 minutes. For women, it takes an average of 13-20 minutes
  • The average sexual intercourse only lasts 7 minutes
  • Only 18% of women can orgasm from penetration alone.

And when we take into account all the societal issues, from the unrealistic portrayal of sex in porn to generations of sex education focused solely on penises to the shame and guilt we blanket sexuality and desire in, it’s no wonder we’re in the situation we’re in.

So what can men do about it?

Molly’s Advice on the Orgasm Gap for Men: Get her off before you fuck her

  1. Learn about the female body. Learn about female sexual response. If you need to, check out these posts:
  2. Focus on her pleasure, not her orgasm. Stop trying to “get her off” and instead just give her pleasure.
  3. Ask her what feels good. If that fails and you still don’t understand, than ask her to show you. And pay some damn attention to her and her body and learn what it likes.
  4. Be enthusiastic. Make her think there’s nothing you’d rather be doing than making her feel good. Whisper words of encouragement and sweet nothings. Don’t make her think it’s a chore for you.
  5. Go down on her and go down on her a lot.
  6. Bring in some sex toys. And use them!

So, that’s it folks! Molly’s advice for men when it comes to shrinking the orgasm gap. And don’t worry. I don’t think it’s all on you men. Women are also partially responsible for the orgasm gap and I have a video that’s all about how women need to be responsible for their own orgasms, too!

Together, we can smash the gap!


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