Low testosterone, commonly referred to as Low T, is a common problem for senior men. Check out my latest video, which gives you 10 natural ways to improve low testosterone.

For those of you who like the written version, drop down below the video to get the text version of how to increase low testosterone.

10 Ways to Naturally Improve Low T

Of course, not all of these solutions will work with everyone, but mix and match to find out what works for you!

1. Take a zinc and vitamin D supplement.

Research hasn’t shown if the relationship is causal or correlation, but it has demonstrated that there is definitely a relationship between zinc, vitamin D, and low T. Studies have also found that if men increase zinc and vitamin D, they tend to see an increase in testosterone levels. So head to Walgreens and check out the supplements, you may be surprised at the change!

2. Improve gut flora.

The way we eat and the medications we take tend to kill the good bacteria in our guts. And that bacteria, believe it or not, can impact your testosterone levels and the quality of your erections. Work to improve your gut flora by taking a probiotic, eating Greek yogurt, and fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, and sourdough breads.

3. Lift weights.

While all exercise is good for us (and we should all be trying to engage in physical activity most days of the week), lifting weights definitely increases testosterone levels. The duration of the increase isn’t long, so make 20-30 minutes of weight training a regular occurrence.

4. Get your rest.

When your body isn’t fully rested, it struggles to maintain hormone levels, including testosterone. So if you have low T and you’re not sleeping at least seven hours a night, really, really try to get  more zzzzs. It may make more a difference than you realize.

5. Try ashwagandha.

Ashwagandha is an herb grown in both Asia and Africa that has shown to have massive benefits when it comes to sexual function, including low T and ED. Beyond it’s help with erections, ashwagandha is also great for reducing stress levels so there doesn’t seem to be too much of a reason not to give it a try! You can find it in health food stores and even on Amazon.

6. Reduce stress.

If you are a middle aged adult and not practicing some form of intentional stress reduction, please start. We are all overwhelmed. When we’re stressed out, we release a stress hormone called cortisol (I’ve talked about it before here) and when we’re over stressed, cortisol builds up in our bodies and does all sort of nasty things.

And when it comes to cortisol and testosterone, it’s like the two are on a see-saw. When testosterone levels are high, cortisol levels must be low. And in the same sense, when cortisol levels are high, testosterone levels much be low. That means you should find some ways to reduce cortisol levels. Easy habits to adopt include deep breathing exercises, yoga, and taking 20+ minute walks in nature without listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks.

7. Decrease tobacco and alcohol use.

Tobacco, alcohol, and recreational drug use (except maybe cannabis) all have a negative impact on your testosterone levels. So if you smoke, talk to your doctor about quitting (patches really seemed to help me). If you drink quite a bit, consider cutting back. And if you’re engaging in recreational drug use, know that it’s likely making your low T worse.

8. Cut as much sugar as you can.

Low T, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome all have some pretty strong connections to one another and tend to develop together. So if you eat a lot of sugar, and especially if you’ve been told you’re at risk for diabetes, it’s time to start cutting back. I mean sure I love cupcakes, but I like sex a whole lot better.

9. Drink more tea.

Tea is filled with antioxidants and it appears some of those body-helping chemicals work to improve testosterone levels. You don’t need to over do it (too much caffeine can have a negative effect on the quality of erections), but the addition of two cups of tea a day may give a potential boost to low testosterone.

10. Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness, which is just a term that means staying present in the moment, is another great way to reduce stress (and therefore cortisol levels) and increase testosterones levels.

Any of these natural ways to increase testosterone can be used in coordination with traditional testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

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