Mutual masturbation may not be something you’d normally consider when thinking of spicing up your relationship, but I’m here to tell you, it can and does.

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What Is Mutual Masturbation?

Mutual masturbation is when two people masturbate together in the same room. You touch you. I touch me. And we’ll do it together. Although it’s not overly practiced in heterosexual couples, it’s a relatively common phenomenon among gay men. Which should tell you it’s fun af.

So in my humble opinion, mutual masturbation should be practiced more in all couples, regardless of what part is in their pants. And here are five reasons why.

1. Mutual masturbation works when you can’t have sex.

There are plenty of reasons why you may not be able to have sex. Maybe it’s vaginal dryness. Maybe penetration causes pain. Maybe you have PE. Or Ed. Or have recently been diagnosed with an STI. Or she’s menstruating heavy. Or 176 other reasons.

But you know what you can do when you can’t fuck? You can mutually masturbate. And still enjoy some immense pleasure and have a better chance of get off together then you ever will during sex.

2. It shows your partner how you touch yourself.

And what better gift can you give your lover then showing them how you bring yourself pleasure, showing them how you touch yourself when no one is looking. Masturbating in front of your partner gives them an inside peek to what gets you off the quickest and most consistent way.

As an added bonus, they may see you touch yourself in ways they haven’t seen before. Often times during masturbation, we do things we don’t do during sex. Woman may lay on their bellies, a hand pressed between their legs. Maybe he plays with his nipples. Maybe she pulls on her lips. No matter what it is, your partner can use the event as a learning experience.

And you get to do the same!

mutual masturbation on belly

3. It’s vulnerable. And that’s hot as hell.

Masturbating in front on someone shows an amount of vulnerability that few things do. Because self-pleasure is perhaps one of our most private moments. Hell, we not only don’t share it with other people, we don’t even talk about it with our lovers and life partners. We keep it completely to ourselves, completely private, and behind a closed door.

Until, that is, we decide to mutually masturbate with our partner. Until we share with them something that we don’t share with anyone.

And that’s pretty damn special.

4. There’s no pressure.

When it comes to sex, we experience all kinds of pressure. Pressure to last longer. Pressure to orgasm. Pressure to get her off. And all this pressure leads to performance anxiety, which no one invited to the party because he’s a total cock block.

But when we mutually masturbate, all this pressure goes away. We don’t need to worry about our partner’s pleasure, we just need to witness it.

5. Everyone gets off.

During mutual masturbation, we are all responsible for our own orgasms. It’s your job to make you cum and it’s my job to make me cum. And we all get a happy ending when it’s our own hand doing the job.

Again, this eliminates performance anxiety, but it take it a step further. Mutual masturbation makes delayed ejaculation not an issue. It makes faked orgasms not an issue. Because there is no ego on the line. There is no expectation. Just masturbate and feel good.

Bonus: Mutual masturbation enhances emotional bonding.

When these things come together in mutual masturbation, it creates a synergistic effect that manifests in emotional bonding. If you’re like “Wtf does that even mean, Molly?” hang with me a second.

When you mutually masturbate, and there’s no pressure to get your partner off, and you see them laying there, touching themselves in a way that they’ve never shared, hearing the sounds they make and seeing the way their body moves, on top of the vulnerability and how erotic that is, man, it comes together to be hot as fuck. Like for real for real.

Hot. As. Fuck.

And then there’s the novelty. The newness of the experience and of seeing them this way. That newness makes the brain extremely happy and increases the bonding chemical that keeps us in love.

So between the bonding and the eroticism and how damn sexy it all is, hell yeah mutual masturbation increases emotional bonding. In a way penetrative sex rarely does.

So give mutual masturbation a chance.

Tonight. Or tomorrow. Or sometime soon.

Because why not? It’s not going to hurt a damn thing. And it may bring a whole lot of pleasure (and some hot images for your mental spank bank) to your relationship.

Want to try new sexual activities with your partner, but don’t know how to bring it up? Try my Yes, No, Maybe checklist and add some excitement to your bedroom tonight!


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