Check out my latest YouTube video, which is part two of my buddy Wayne and I hang out and chat about relationships and other shit.

Check out Molly and Wayne, part one here.

Just like last week, I can’t begin to tell you what we cover in this video, but we laugh and talk some real talk. The best line in the whole thing is when we’re talking about women worrying about the dimples on their ass, and Wayne says, “We like the dimples!”

I can also do this. I can give you some dets about Wayne.

I’ve known Wayne for over a decade. We used to work together back in the day at a juvenile placement facility. And now, we’re both out there, trying to help people live their best lives.

You can find him on YouTube and Instagram. Go follow him.



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[…] Here’s Molly and Wayne, part one. You can check out part 2 here. […]

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