This week’s reader question revolves around cock size and answers the question “What can I do to make my dick bigger?”

Oh, the big dick conundrum.

bigger dick

To a lot of men, it doesn’t seem to matter how much nature endowed them with, they always want more. Apparently they’ve never watched my video (or read my post) about how the size of their cock doesn’t have much of an impact on their ability to be a good lover.

And apparently being a good lover isn’t really the issue.

Dick size is.


So today I’m addressing another question I get on the regular. Men, particularly younger men, always want to know what they can do to make their dicks bigger. What they don’t always understand is that…

The size of your dick is the size of your dick.

Your cock isn’t like a waist band. It’s not an upper thigh. Its measurements don’t ebb and flow with passing weight gain. It is what it is. And what it is, it is.

And, yes, there are 1,000 products and programs out there that will tell you they can increase the size of your dick. But you know what? They’re lying.

Because the size of your dick is the size of your dick.

And unless you plan on risking surgery to try to make it longer (please, please don’t consider this unless the size of your dick is causing you mental health issues), then you’re graced with what god, or Yahweh, or Allah, or the Universe, gave you.

You can’t make your dick bigger, but you can make it LOOK bigger.


By losing a few pounds.

Seriously. The tighter your tummy, the more you move toward a six pack instead of a half keg, the bigger your dick looks. No pressure here, men…remember, it’s you who tends to be most obsessed with dick size, not your partner. But, the same philosophy works with manscaping… The fewer pubes you have, the bigger your cock looks.

And yes, there are things like PRP and dermal fillers and plastic surgery, but again, there’s no reason to maim your cock. I mean, I love PRP… It does wonderful things for sports injuries and what not, but, men, please hear me out… You don’t need this shit.

Don’t believe me?

Ask your partner how she masturbates. Ask her if she penetrates herself (chances are she doesn’t). And if she does, ask her what she uses. Most likely, it’s just one or two fingers. Remember, many women don’t orgasm from penetration alone (which is why you need to get her off before you fuck her).

I mean, come on, if women needed a dick to get off, lesbians would always fuck with a strap on and we know that’s not the case.

So… Stop worrying about how big your dick is. Learn to work with what you’ve got. Learn how to give good head. About the clitoris. And the fourchette. And figure out how to find her G-spot. Hell, figure out how to make her squirt. Learn to play with her nipples. Manhandle her a bit.

And if you do all that, I promise you, man. Like, legit, promise you. The size of your dick doesn’t matter.

You don’t need to figure out how to get a bigger dick. You just need to figure out how to get her off. And learn to work with what you’ve got.

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