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If you don’t like to watch YouTube, here’s the basic gist…

People Want More Sex.

Men and women tell me on the regular that they want more sex. I once had a female friend ask me to talk to her husband because she didn’t know what to say to him and wanted more sex. About two weeks later, her husband reached out to me. Told me he wanted more sex in their relationship, but he didn’t know how to go about it.


Communication, especially about sex, and especially with those we love the most, is hard. I know it is. It’s hard for me too.

But I Have a Solution.

Right now, most couples function with the understanding that not having daily sex is the default in their relationship. That means if no one initiates sex, if no one hits on the other person or brings it up, then sex won’t happen.

And that’s a lot of pressure. Men, who are often the initiators in the bedroom, get tired of doing it. Over time, it hurts his ego and he feels like he has to beg, and no one wants to be a charity fuck.

For women, it’s just as hard. Many women struggle to initiate sex, fearing rejection (he doesn’t want to be rejected either, friend). Or they try, and he doesn’t pick up on it, and then she has no idea what to do.

Flip Your Mindset.

But if you can switch your mindset and change the expectations in your relationship. Now, making daily sex the norm. No one has to initiate. There’s no pressure on either partner and no one’s trying to drop hints that aren’t picked up.

If something is going on, if there’s a reason you don’t want to have sex, you didn’t sleep well last night and you’re exhausted (you know sex is just as effective as a sleeping pill, right) or your back hurts or something, then you must initiate not having sex.

And my guess is if you try this, if you spend a month and go to bed with the expectation you’re fucking each other every night… I bet, when it’s all said and done, you have more sex and feel less pressure.

Which is a win-win!

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