If you’ve ever wondered if the Knotty Knickers monthly subscription is worth it, check out my YouTube review! (It totally is!!).

If you don’t do the YouTube thing, keep reading for everything you need to know!

So Knotty Knickers is a Canadian company that basically offers a panty of the month subscription. You get three panties each month for $3.99 a piece. After tax and everything, it comes to $14.95.

You can choose thongs, non-thongs, or a mixture of the two.

And that’s it. That’s all you have to do to get adorable panties delivered in the mail every month!

A Good Company with A Good Philosophy

Knotty Knickers first came to my attention through a Facebook ad. I noticed the ad because it was a real woman, with a real woman’s body, wearing a pair of really cute panties.

Her belly looked like mine. And that right there was enough to make we want to buy.

knotty knickers adknotty knickers adWhat’s more, Knotty Knickers panties are made around the world. The company sources responsibly and only works with businesses who uphold ethical practices.

And then there’s the fact that the panties are true to size. No surprises here! So if you’re a medium-sized woman, than you’ll wear a medium.

I Personally Love Them!

I must say, I love this company. Love its panties. Love its marketing. I love its values.

And I love that it keeps my panty drawer filled with sexy undies without me having to do a damn thing!

If you have questions about Knotty Knickers, or anything for that matter, comment below or shoot me an email at molly@yourbestsexualself.com.

March's Knotty Knickers panties

Here are the three pair I show in the video. I received them in March of 2021. The black bikinis are sheer with a velvet-like design. The pink ones are super soft cotton. And the other pair look a bit more delicate with the mint green satiny fabric.

In nearly nine months of getting these panties, I’ve seriously only encountered a few pair that I didn’t like. And it’s cool because some of them are panties I’d never pick for myself, but once I get them on, I love them!

So give them a try. Or buy them for your lady. Because they’re pretty awesome!!





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