She looks at him like he’s stupid for not understanding her. “I said I wanted to fuck. I didn’t say I wanted to kiss.”

Will’s face turns red and his words are heated. “So that’s how you want it?”

“Yes,”She says, snide sarcasm oozing from her mannerism and words.

In two strides, Will crosses the room. Before she even knows what’s going on, he spins her around by her shoulder and pulls her back against his chest, crushing her to him. One arm wraps tight around her, gripping the opposite shoulder, while the other wraps around her stomach, pushing her back against him, hard, ensuring she can feel his erection through his jeans, pressing against her ass.

He moves one leg between hers, kicking her feet further apart as he whispers into her ear

“You want fucked do you?”

Tess’s heart races and her breath comes in gasps. “Yes,” she says, afraid to say more, as she feels her panties get wet.

The hand around her stomach drops to the button of her jeans. He pulls until it snaps, while his other hand continues to hold her tight against him. Although he feels her heart race, but all that he can think about is burying his cock into her wet cunt.

He drops her arms and pulls her jeans down to her knees. His hand lands between her shoulder blades and he pushes her down, rough, not caring if this is what she wants. This is what she asked for.

His other hand reaches between her legs and finds her pussy soaked, ready and waiting for him. He growls in response, shoving two thick fingers deep inside her with no warning. Her body reacts instantly, as her walls clamp on his fingers, spasming.

Cum drips over his hand and onto her legs.

Will unbuttons his own jeans, but doesn’t bother even pushing them down. He just unzips as far as he can and pulls his cock out, already rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Tess starts to move, and he pushes her back down without saying a word.

He moves forward, cock in hand, and again reaches between her legs, but this time, he doesn’t penetrate her. Instead, he covers his fingers in her juices, smearing them around the whole of her sex. She moans, even the touch of his fingers causes jolts of pleasure to course through her.

Will spreads her juices over the head of his cock as he steps between her legs and thrusts into her. Within two strokes, he’s buried deep and begins fucking her fast and hard. With each thrust, his balls hit Tess’s skin making a slap, slap, slap sound, but Will continues. His groin grinds into her cunt and he’s finally fully impelled in her. He grabs her hips in both hands, holding her in place as he pounds into her.

She starts to cum, but Will pays no notice. Tess’s pussy spasms around his erection, squeezing and milking him, her velvety walls slick against the skin of his cock. She cries out, grabs the chair’s arm rest, her nails clawing at the fabric. Will feels her cum seep around his cock and his balls tighten.

He strengthens his thrusts, fucking her even harder.

His fingers dig into her hips, and for a brief moment he worries that there may be bruises in the morning.

Using his hands, he moves Tess against him, making her pussy meet him half way with every thrust. The force of their fucking causes the juices between them to splash his hips and hands, making wet, messy noises. He ignores it, grunting as his cock begins to pulsate.

Letting go of Tess’s hip with one hand, Will reaches up and grabs a fist full of her hair, pulling her head back, making her back arch to an almost impossible angle. She cunt starts spasming around his again and he pulls harder.

“You want fucked, huh? Is this what you wanted?”

Her body racks with her orgasm, Tess gasps, mumbling incoherent words.

He loosens his grip just a bit, only to pull her right back where she was, tight against him as he pounds into her. “Answer me Tess. Is this what you wanted?”

She lets out a sob, body still trembling from the force of orgasm. “Yes,” she manages between gasps of air, her voice husky.

Hearing her say it, Will releases her and pushes her chest down against the chair, hand on her back. He pulls out, only to thrust in harder. He does it again, and this time lifts his leg to the arm rest, deepening his angle. His pace increases, and he pushes her harder against the chair.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Tess mumbles into the fabric, her head face down, lost in her own climax as Will begins to cum. Three more deep thrusts and his pace begins to slow, the movement of his cock in her become shallow, until he finally stills.

Tess’s body continues to jerk around him, as tremors of pleasure flood her body. Will realizes that he’s still gripping her hip tight in his left hand and he releases her at the same moment he withdraws his cock from her wet pussy.

He steps back from her and puts his cock back in his boxer briefs, not even bothering to clean himself. He buttons and zips his jeans, turns, and walks out of the room without saying a word.

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