Here are your edging basics for beginners!

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So edging.

What the hell is it anyway?

Edging is a technique used to learn orgasm control. It can be practiced during sexual play with a partner or during masturbation. It involves taking yourself to the edge of orgasm, that spot where your climax is paramount, that edge where you’re just about to topple over (hence the name edging), almost to the point of no return, and then pull back.

You may need to stop what you’re doing or simply change how you’re touching yourself. But do what you need to do to back away from that orgasmic edge. Once you’re back in control, do it again. Bring yourself to the edge, then back off.

And then do it again!

If you’re an edging novice, definitely practice during masturbation and get the hang of the technique before implementing it with a lover.

edging standing on edge

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Why Do People Practice Edging?

Well, it depends.

Many folks practice edging because they want to have better orgasms. And when you edge, man, you can have some INTENSE fucking orgasms.

And that’s awesome and amazing.

But that’s not the only reason people practice edging.

For many, it’s about orgasm control. Learning to recognize and enhance the body processes that lead to orgasm. Basically like muscle memory for cumming.

So for people with penises, edging can help them last longer when they’re with a partner. If they tend to ejaculate quickly, edging teaches their body to fall back and not cum the first time their arousal levels peak.

For people with vulvas and vaginas, orgasm control works in almost the opposite fashion. Edging can help you learn what happens right before your orgasm and how to amplify those body responses. With time, this allows you to experience not only stronger orgasms but more frequent climaxes as well.

Edging Leads to Stronger Orgasms

I mentioned above that edging can lead to some intense orgasms. And that’s very true. Edging increases the orgasm threshold. It allows us to become more aroused, more turned on. And experience more pleasure.

All without peaking.

And when we can climb further up that arousal ladder, well, it creates more tension in the body, and orgasm is a physical release of tensions. So we’re more aroused. And we’re tenser.

And when we cum, man, it can feel like fucking heaven.

But Don’t Be Greedy

There is a risk to practicing edging. When you get to that edge and pull back, and you do it again, and again, and again, then your body can respond and basically say, “That’s enough!”

In some cases, you may try to pull back from that edge, but your body topples over anyway. Everything doesn’t quite line up right, and while you do orgasm, it’s more of a “meh” than an “oh-my-god-I’m-cumming-so-fucking-hard-right-now.”

In other cases, you may experience the elusive orgasm. The orgasm that was so close and within your grasp, but now won’t let you find it. Which can be a frustrating experience. For sure.

That’s why I recommend when you’re edging for the first time or two, not to go past two, maybe three peaks. That way you get the added intensity of the orgasm with a lower risk of being unable to get off at all.

What to Expect with Edging

Once you start edging, you may experience a range of side effects. They include:

What’s more, edging allows us to broaden our definition of sex and what it means to us. It gives us the ability to experience more pleasure, both alone and with a partner.

So give it a try!

And if it works for you, come back here and drop a comment telling me so! If you struggle, come back and let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help!


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