This is the first erotic piece of fiction I ever wrote.


“It means nymph,” she says about her name, trailing her fingers lightly down my arm, a teasing smile playing across her lips. She grabs my hand, pulling me out onto the dance floor. The bass is so strong, it’s all I can hear, the words and music just a blur in the background. She’s in front of me, dragging me through the crowd of dancers as I watch the hem of her skirt skip around her thighs.

Echo reaches the middle of the club’s dance floor and spins around,  but doesn’t let go of my hand. Instead, she closes her eyes, feeling the music, and begins to move to the thumping bass. I stand there, still, uncertain of what to do, uncomfortable in my own life.

Echo, sensing my stillness, lifts our hands above her head, forcing me to step closer. Her other hand drops to the curve of my back, while she whispers in my ear

“First time here?”

I laugh. “It’s that obvious? I’m only–”

Echo cuts me off, dropping my hand and putting her fingers to my lips. “Shh…” she says. She smells of citrus and sand. Her finger lingers as she leans into me, body pressing against mine, and all I can think about is tasting her skin. “I’ll show you how.”

She takes my hand and places it on her hip. “Relax,” she says. “Nobody’s watching.”

As she begins to move against me, in time with the music, I look around. She’s right. Couples cover the dance floor:  boy-girl, boy-boy, girl-girl. Everyone is dancing on someone else. I glance around, looking for Sean. I spy him along the bar, talking to a cute boy with spiked hair. He nods at me and his friend glances around, looking over his shoulder at me.

Sean gives me an encouraging smile. “This is why your here,” it says, “This is what you wanted.” I close my eyes and give in the pressure Echo’s placing on my hip. I feel her relax against me as we begin to move together, driven by the thump of the bass.

As one song blends into the next, Echo leans in, “Let’s get a drink.” She takes my hand, leads me off the floor and out of the main building of the club. We walk around back and she squeezes my hand.

It makes me smile and my cheeks flush.

We walk to the outside bar and she orders two Coronas. She hands one to me and, without saying a word, walks towards the beach.

I follow. I don’t know what I’m doing. She’s slightly ahead of me and I can’t help but stare at her body, covered in thin white linen, almost transparent in the moon light. When she reaches the water’s edge, she turns to me, smiling.

“Let’s walk.” Who am I disagree? We chat as the roar of the tide begins to drown out the music of the club. We each talk of home, about being abroad, about life. As we walk, she turns away from the water and we reach a knoll covered in sea grass. She sits down and for the first time I notice she’s not wearing a bra, her dark nipples visible beneath the light fabric.

I sit beside her. Close enough that our legs touch. She leans back on her elbows, staring at the sky.

“Do your friends know?” she asks me with her eyebrows raised.

“Know what?” I reply.

She giggles, setting down her beer. Without a second thought, she reaches up, pulling my lips down to hers. They’re soft and warm. She holds me there for just a moment, and I relax against her, giving in to the kiss.

Her tongue tentatively touches my lips.

This brave, forward girl, who grabs me, unknown, drags me onto the dance floor, out to the water, and kisses me, but now she is hesitant, uncertain.

It makes me even hotter.

“No,” I say, “they don’t.” I wrap my hand into the hair at the base of her neck and deepen the kiss. She instantly responds, pulling me down further so our breasts touch She slips a leg between mine, moving it up, putting pressure on my wetness. I whimper and reach out, running my thumb over her nipple, hard under the linen.

She pulls back from me, stands up, and pulls her dress over her head. Naked in the moonlight, she may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

“Come on,” she says, turning and running towards the water. I watch, as she walks in to her waist then turns, waiting for me.

I stand, undress and walk towards her. As I get closer, I see her eyes drop from my breasts to my shaved pussy, so different from hers with trimmed blonde curls.

When I reach her, Echo’s lips press to mine and she pulls me to my knees in the water. The sea makes my hands slippery on her breasts, but I manage to squeeze one nipple, then another and it makes my stomach clench.

Her lips leave mine and she lowers her head, taking one of my own nipples in to her mouth, while her hand drops to cup my ass.

I moan as her teeth graze my sensitive skin.

She purrs against me as one hand curls into her hair and I bend, the another reaching between her legs.

Even in the water, I can feel her silky wetness, and my fingers easily slip between her lips.  Her pussy feels amazingly warm against the chill of the water.

Echo abandons my nipple, rising to kiss me again. As her tongue pushes into my mouth, her fingers graze my clit. I lean into her, unable to stay even on my knees. She kisses me passionately as her fingers twirl circles around my clit.

Although two fingers are buried inside her, I’m too distracted to pay attention and she starts to grind against my hand. The water splashes against us. Back and forth, back and forth. My breathing is ragged and although our lips are touching we are no longer kissing, lost in the moment of each other.

Her speed and pressure on my clit increases before she pauses to touch my wetness. I moan into her mouth while she bucks against my hand. My fingers begin to move, searching for her G-spot. I finally feel the change in texture, the hardness forming under the skin and, by the sounds she’s making, I know I’ve found the right spot.

As I massage her, she returns to tormenting me, lightly tracing circles, varying the pressure, holding me off. I grab her head and pull her in for a kiss so deep our teeth crash together. Her muscles begin to tighten, spasming around my fingers. Echo’s pressure on my clit increases and I scream out with my own orgasm as I feel her juices splash around my hand.

She leans towards me, kissing me tenderly, passionately, her eyes half closed. My arms wrap around her waist, and we share quiet kisses.

Echo giggles.

“My friends don’t know either.”

I smile. We walk out of the water and slowly dress, touching each other, distracting one another. She grabs my hand, fingers intertwined, and we walk back towards the club, thoughts and scenes bouncing like echos off the walls of my heart and mind.

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Extremelly hot story

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    Thanks! It was the first erotic story I ever wrote!

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