talking dirty

Your Guide to Talking Dirty

Mmmm…  Yes, right there…  A little harder…  Oh, that’s perfect… We all like to know that are lovers are enjoying themselves when we’re doing whatever it is that we are doing… sucking their dick, licking their pussy, playing with their ass. The moans and groans of pleasure are sexy as Read more…

clothes pins on nipples

Your Guide to Nipple Play

I’ve had a strange relationship with my breasts and nipple play throughout the years. I always had large breasts and was one of the first girls in school to have to wear a bra. Once in high school, my breasts went hand in hand with lots of comments and ogling. This made Read more…

benefits of masturbation

Your Guide to Female Masturbation

Some studies estimate that, in any given year, nearly 60% of women don’t masturbate. I can’t imagine a life without masturbation. I’ve masturbated as long as I can remember, at least starting in my very early teens. I read my first romance novel when I was in sixth grade. I would stay up late, Read more…

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