They call it “pandemic fatigue,” the tiredness and irritability that emerge from all this staying at home and COVID-19 quarantine and masks and whatnot.

Me? I call it a shit show.

Like many of you, I’m working from home, my spouse is around a whole lot more, and my kids are doing virtual schooling. And they’re here. All of them. All the time.

Sometimes, they don’t leave for days on end. And if the weather’s bad, sometimes they don’t even leave the house.

So today, when the Hubby left for work, I sent all three kids and both dogs on a walk. I didn’t care about the whining or the whose-not-holding-a-leash or the bullshit. “Go and be gone at least 30 minutes!” I demanded, almost, quite literally pushing them out the door.

Alone at last.

COVID-19 has taken a lot away from us and I have lost little compared to some. But you know what I have lost? Alone time. And you know what I do during my alone time? Masturbate.

Yep. Some good old fashion self-love.

And you see, dear reader, my quarantine birthday was just a few weeks ago. And the lucky girl that I am, I was gifted a few new vibrators. One was the Womanizer Scarlet 2.

Honestly, this is something I would have never picked for myself.

Well, thank the universe for gift givers!

Anyway, I kicked the children out of the house and figured I had 30 minutes alone. I looked at my watch. Gave them five minutes to come back in for the things they forgot and then I headed to my bedroom, knowing there was no time to waste.

Within 90 seconds, I had Scarlet right where I needed her. And ohmygoodnesss. This thing is amazing. With the air suction, it’s so different than any other vibrator I’ve ever used. This was only my second time and what I noticed the first time is that it made me crave penetration, something I normally don’t need to orgasm.

But this time, I was prepared. With my Cush in hand, my eyes closed as I let the waves of pleasure wash over me.

It didn’t take long.

The first orgasm hit right away, leaving me breathless. It crested, then rose again. This time, the peak was higher, my back arching off the bed.

I sighed in relief. It had been soooo long. And this simple act felt so good, I already felt lighter.

One more, I thought. The kids had only been gone about 10 minutes. I definitely had time for at least one more orgasm.

I took the Scarlet and laid her next to my clit and instantly, my body started to respond.



“Where’s my bike?”

Deep breath. Stabilize your breathing, Molly!

“Pretty sure it’s in the garage, buddy!”

“Thanks! See ya soon!”

“Yep.” Whew.

My head fell back on the pillow. I let the Scarlet fall away from my lady parts.

Damn quarantine anyway.

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