7 Tips to a Happy Marriage

Is the happily married couple a myth? One of our best couple friends recently separated, after trying to save their marriage for over a year. And there’s my friend who’s still within five years of being married, but goes months, and I’d bet years at this point, without sex and Read more…

fuck like a porn star

How to Fuck Like a Porn Star

How to Fuck Like a Porn Star was updated on August 11, 2021. —— I spend a lot of time on social media *read: procrastinating and not working*. And through this, I tend to have random conversations with random people. And one kid (he’s old enough to drink, but young Read more…


5-Minute Erotica: Study Time

He snuck up the stairs, wanting to surprise her with her favorite coffee and cheesecake. She’d been busting her ass studying for her dissertation, reading everything she could find on advanced literary theory. With half the steps behind him, he slowed his pace, the distinct sound of her wand reaching Read more…

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