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7 Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

You’re excited. Her body feels really good. She’s moving. Moaning. And suddenly, you can’t hold back anymore. Damn. She didn’t even cum yet. She says it’s okay, but you know it’s not. Now you feel like a douche. But wait, this doesn’t have to happen again. I’m about to share Read more…


5-Minute Erotica: Sweet Dreams

  Now touch yourself. I gulp. I can’t do that on the phone. Not with him listening. Caitlyn. His tone holds authority, making me want to obey, but I don’t know how. “But, Sir, I-” No buts, toy.  “I’m sorry, Sir.” Don’t be. Now touch yourself. Like a good girl. His words Read more…

faking orgasms

Quit Faking It

It’s time to stop, ladies. Faking orgasms is a habit you should have quit long ago. Or, better yet, never picked up in the first place. It’s not helping you, it’s not helping him, it’s not helping anyone. I’m sure lots of you can give me multiple reasons of why Read more…

Echo: An Erotica Story

This is the first erotic piece of fiction I ever wrote. …………………………………………………………………….. “It means nymph,” she says about her name, trailing her fingers lightly down my arm, a teasing smile playing across her lips. She grabs my hand, pulling me out onto the dance floor. The bass is so strong, Read more…


A Dominant’s Duty

The hubby and I were having a random conversation about spanking, whipping, and caning, in which He said something along the lines of, “I think I’m going to make you safeword.” And it got me thinking… I’ve never truly safeworded. Once, when He was tickling me–non-sexually–and once during an argument. Read more…

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