Emily knew she didn’t have anything to worry about. Adam and Jason had been friends for years, and this was nothing more than an annual fishing trip. But for some reason, she couldn’t keep her thoughts from racing.

Maybe it had to do with Jason’s recent divorce.

Or maybe it was the way Adam teased her before he left about crushing on his friend.

Regardless, her thoughts and emotions had been all over the place since the men left two days ago.

Now, here she was alone in bed, struggling to sleep, with her husband 100 miles away. Yet every time she closed her eyes, she’d see him there in front of her. Naked. But it wasn’t just Adam she was imagining.

It was Jason, too.

mmf erotica

Finally, desperate for sleep and release, Emily gave in to her fantasy.

Her hand trailed down her body as she let her mind wander, imagining both men were there in front of her. She pictured them nude, side by side, her husband’s lean, fit frame next to Jason’s tall and husky physique. Adam’s light skin next to Jason’s dark.

As her hand reached underneath the band of her panties, Emily imagined running a hand down each man’s bare chest. She could almost feel the course hair, the body heat, and the hard muscles moving beneath her fingers. She could picture her hands dipping below each man’s waist to wrap around their length.

Emily imagined the warmth of their velvety cocks and her body reacted. Her own fingers slipped between her lips, where she was already wet. She found her clit and her fingers began to swirl. She imagined dropping to her knees between them, each man with his hard cock at her mouth.

Her fingers played faster.

She pictured taking her husband’s cock between her lips, swallowing it until her lips reached the base. Looking up at him, she slowly pulled back and his cock gleamed with saliva as she slid up its length, twirling her tongue along the ridge.

She imagined her husband smiling down at her, nodding his head toward his friend, who’s cock was still engulfed in Emily’s hand. Smiling, she used her lips and tongue to replace her hand on Jason’s cock. And as he sank deep into her mouth, she felt his hands wrap into her hair.

Alone in her room, Emily moaned and arched against the sheets as her fingers continued to work her clit. Her other hand traced the outer edge of her breast before moving toward her nipple.

Still thinking of Jason’s cock buried in her throat, she pinched and pulled on her nipple just like Adam does, and imagined it was his hand instead of hers. She imagined him behind her, one hand on her breast as the other worked his own length. Up and down. Up and down. All while he watched her swallow his friend’s cock.

She felt herself on the brink of orgasm.

Plunging two fingers into her pussy, she imagined Adam moving behind her, pulling her hips and ass toward him. With Jason’s cock deep in her throat, his hands tangled in her hair, her husband’s dick pushed into her pussy, stretching her wide.

With one hand pulling on her nipple and the other buried between her legs, Emily called out as she thrust once, twice, three times, her breath ragged. Her body peaked, muscles twitching as her hands slowly softened, now caressing as her body came to rest on the bed.

With a deep breath and a contented sigh, her eyes grew heavy and Emily drifted off to sleep, her thoughts warm and light with two men dancing in the shadows.

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