Now touch yourself.

I gulp. I can’t do that on the phone. Not with him listening.

Caitlyn. His tone holds authority, making me want to obey, but I don’t know how.

“But, Sir, I-”

No buts, toy. 

“I’m sorry, Sir.”

Don’t be. Now touch yourself.

Like a good girl.

His words make my stomach tighten, my pussy clench.

My hand trails down my naked body, still damp from the shower.

“I miss you, Sir.”

I know love. Just a few more days and I’ll be home. Now, tell me how that pussy feels. I’ve been missing it. 

I swallow. “Um… it’s warm. Kinda wet.”

Cait. His voice a warning. You can do better than that.

“Yes, Sir.” Waiting, I bite my lip, and try to think of something that sounds sultry and sexy, but it doesn’t work. I just feel silly.

I start pleading, “Daddy, I’m trying, but…” My voice trails off.

Shh, my toy. Let me help. 

Close your eyes. 

“Yes, Sir.”

My eyes close and I take a deep breath, trying to relax.

Now run those fingers down your stomach again. Slowly this time. 

I do as he says, letting the sound of his voice wrap around me.

Now dip down to touch your pussy, but only the lips. Ever so lightly. Does that feel good?

“Mmm…” is all I say.

God, I’ve missed the noises you make.

Tell me, toy, are you wet? 

“Yes, Sir,” I whisper.

Good. Now, play there a moment. Get your fingers wet for me. 

As I slip a finger between my lips, my breath quickens, becoming heavier.

That’s my good girl. Now use those wet fingers to touch your clit. Rub it. Gentle.

My fingers find my clit and I moan into the phone, wishing my hands were his, wanting to feel the heat of his breath on my skin.

Is it hard, love? Is that pretty clit swollen for me?

“Yes, Sir. It’s swollen. I wish you were here. I wish you could lick it.”

He growls into the phone and my back arches against my hand at the sound of it.


My cock’s so hard right now, Caitlyn. I want nothing more than to fuck you with it. 

“Yes, Sir.” My fingers move faster, swirling around my clit, making it swell even more.

I’d bend you over the bed and smack that sweet ass of yours. Watch as your cheeks turn red. Would you like that, toy?

“Uh-huh,” a gasp as I rub harder, faster, losing myself.

I’m imagining it’s your mouth on my cock, taking it deep, gagging on me. 

It’s too much.

I love finger fucking that sweet pussy of yours while you suck on my cock. 

“Sir…?” I ask, my voice shaky.

Yes, toy.

“Can I cum?”

Fuck, yeah. Cum for me baby, cum all over those fingers. Cum for your Sir.

His words throw me over the edge and I crash into ecstasy.

I picture him in the hotel room, his hand stroking his hard cock, faster and faster until it’s nothing but a blur.

“Fuck, Sir. Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I murmur endlessly, my pussy thrusting against my hand again and again.

Don’t stop, Baby. Keep it going for me.

Cum again. 

Two fingers plunge into my pussy, and the waves start to build. I buck, grinding my pussy on my hand, wanting it deeper, wanting it harder, wanting more. I moan, unable to vocalize my pleasure, but it was enough.

Yes, that’s it girl. Ride it out for me. Are you close to coming again?

“Mmm-hum,” I’m panting, wanting nothing more than to crest, to peak and explode with him.

Good. I’m ready to cum baby. Can you cum with me?

I hear the restraint in his voice and know he’s holding back his orgasm for me, so we can cum together.

“Yes, Daddy. Now. Now. Fuck.” My voice trails off as my muscles squeeze my fingers, and I listen to his orgasm, imagining him cumming, wishing it was in my pussy, on my tits, on my tongue. Wanting nothing more than to be his and be with him.

Silent moments pass between us, as we float down, basking in pleasure.


“Yes, Daddy.”

That was lovely. But now it’s time for bed. 


Sweet dreams love.

“Sweet dreams, Sir.”

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